25 September 2010

Best Wishes on Your Birthday Dad

Dad, where ever you are, I'm sending you loving wishes for your 78th birthday.

Is it Me or the Pattern???

This doll that I've been working on frustrated with since August, is STILL driving me crazy!  Here's the pattern that I'm using.  I have all the parts to the doll made--just need to sew her legs on.  Now, the pattern did not come with directions for hair but I winged it based on other doll patterns out there.  I have also completed the bloomers.  Mine don't look the same but they'll do.  Take a look at the instructions on the dress.  The counts for the bodice don't compute.  I'm tired of it so I'm trying to use another pattern for the dress.  Wish me luck 'cause this dolly needs it before she gets flushed down the toilet--lol!  OK, it's back to the hook for me...Hugs y'all!

Search Amazon.com for doll pattern

New on the List of Links for Round Afghan Patterns

I have been maintaining a list of links for free, crochet patterns for round(ish) afghans.  There is a beautiful new one I just added for a granny round ripple.  Check it out and see some of the others that you may have missed.  If there is a problem with any of the links please let me know and I'll figure it out.  Have a great weekend y'all!

Search Amazon.com for round afghan patterns