24 August 2012

Kentucky State Fair Visit

Note: I originally posted this on Friday but ended up with the wrong video. So sorry about that!!! I was having lots of difficulty posting then and now I ended up using IE browser instead of
Chrome because Chrome wouldn't let me change the video! Thanks go to Debi for pointing out that I posted the wrong video.

On Thursday, hubs and I went to the state fair in Louisville, Kentucky. I've only been to 2 state fairs in my life. The first was the Illinois State Fair when I was a teenager and the other was when we were stationed in Hawaii in the early 90s. This fair was a bit different. The others were outdoors in the open air and tents and this one was indoors in an exposition center with some vendors outdoors. It was comfortable to be able to walk around in an air conditioned space. Taking pictures was a problem due to horrible lighting, using flash used up my battery fast and then I ended up taking many pictures with my cell. Also, glass display cases reflected the light and the best I could do in many instances was to stand at a less than optimal angle to move the reflection to a less important place. I was surprised at the lack of crocheted items. There was a display of doilies and one afghan was in the 4-H room. I totally enjoyed myself anyway and I took beaucoup pictures and put them to some Stephen Foster music. I know this is quite long but the music is worthwhile to listen to. We spent almost 5 hours there and were totally worn out by the time we left. We missed seeing some of the animals but did see all of the nifty crafty things. I hope you enjoy this and that it isn't too long for you.

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