06 October 2010

Here's a New Dishcloth

I think the round Granny Mandala is very pretty so I thought I'd adapt it as a dishcloth.  Here's my version!  I just finished off a few rows sooner than the pattern called for and edged it in a shell-like stitch.  Voila!  I have a new dishcloth to go in my gift drawer!  Hmmm, it's almost too pretty to go in a sink full of dirty dishes so maybe it can be used as a doily-like accessory around the house somewhere--anyway that's just an option 'cause it's still a dishcloth. Hope you enjoyed and hugs to all....

ps--This is what I refer to as a "purse project" because it's something I carry in my purse and work on when I have time to kill.  I was volunteering for the upcoming elections and this was what I did today because we were very slow.

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