20 April 2020

She Shed Update

It has been a very long time updating you on the progress of the she shed. With poor weather, wanting to put aside a little money to pay cash for everything, and husband fitting it into his schedule it has taken more time than I expected. He is spending more time at home now so he has more time to work on at home projects. The walls and ceilings are primed and painted. I used a good quality paint (Kilz interior satin) because I knew that no one would be happy about repainting  in there anytime soon with all the things I will be stuffing in there. Paint was a bit of expense and we had most of the painting paraphernalia already. Didn't need to worry too much about dropcloths because the flooring hasn't been installed yet.

The next major thing will be to finish installing the lighting and put a floor in. I still need to get curtain rods and make the curtain for the door. It is so much fun thinking about being able to move in!

I have been asked why I feel like I need a she shed when I don't have kids at home and have spare bedrooms. The answer is a little complex, especially when I try to think of what to say. I want a space that is all MINE! I also want to tidy up my house by moving the large amount of yarn and crocheting tools out of the house and into the she shed. It is similar to older women collecting dolls; they're really not played with but they do bring back memories of happy childhood times. My she shed will be my adult version of a blanket fort.

I have really rambled on today so I will pause to show you a quick walk through video I made today.

Cute She Shed Signs