13 May 2012

A Bit of Catching Up

First and foremost, I want to send out positive wishes for Mothers Day to all of you who have ever "mothered" anyone. You may be a traditional mom, a single mom or even a dad who fills the shoes of a mom. To all of you, may you have a blessed day.

Thanks going out to Christy of Crochet Happiness. She had a giveaway and I won! She gave away a spool knitter. I used to have one of those a while ago but it broke. Now, I have a nice, sturdy one. I had fun playing with it the other night as I watched television. Thank you Christy!

The other day when I went to Hobby Lobby in Louisville, I did not find the yarn to make a border/edging for the blue baby blanket. I did however, find a yarn I like at Meijers. I should be finishing this up very soon.

Ray was getting my flower boxes ready to go on the front porch. A few wave petunias and some transplanted vine-like plants should do the trick . He's a good guy when he wants to be. ;)

I've been trying to work up a pattern for a clothes pin bag. I bought some clothes line at Dollar Tree. This yarn is made of 3 strands. Ray helped me divide the strands--a real pain in the behind (the job, not Ray lol). This stuff is a bit more difficult to crochet with. It's not impossible, just seems like it takes more energy and I'd have to stop frequently and rub my hands and shake them out. Besides the sore hands, I am liking it. What I've made so far has used up an entire "skein" of the clothes line. Here's a few pics:

I think I've caught up for now. Have a great week. Hugs to all....