02 March 2016

Master Bath/Bedroom Update on March 2nd

Hubby is still working hard fixing up the bathroom. He has started some projects in the master bedroom too. Here's a look at what he's recently done

New drywall and plastic over door helps minimize the amount of dust flying through the house from sanding the "mudding" on the drywall.

2 walls with new drywall

Mudding in progress and half wall built to butt the vanity against. The vanity is "recycled" and the ends are not finished so the half wall will cover up the rough side. I still like the purple color. I have chosen a pretty color and when it is all painted I will let you in on it.

Closet in master bedroom will soon have a light switch instead of a pull cord.

I've been rather off with my crocheting. Haven't picked up my hook in a few days. I hope to get my crochet mojo back before too long.

So much for today's update.