16 December 2014

A Couple More Things Finished...

I finished another pair of slippers. This is sized for a woman and is in black and yellow. One of the things I enjoy about this pattern is mixing colors together (made out of double strands of ww yarn).

The other project I finished was a scarf. It's in Red Hearts paddy green color. This is a super color for holiday wear. I will be making some kind of hat to match and then probably be taking it back to Kentucky to give to someone for next winter.

The only thing I didn't care for about the scarf was the little openings next to the shells are not the same size from one row to the next. I did modify the pattern a little bit on Row 10. Wherever it says to chain 4, I chained 3 instead and it looks quite a bit more uniform but still not quite.

That's all I have to share for today. Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves.