19 November 2010

Fashion and Youth...

Last year, many of the kids at the schools I subbed at were sagging their pants. I think it looks tacky but that's not the reason I am against this style. After all, I don't have to like the various styles of clothing out there but then again I go for clothing that is mix and matchable and stays in style for years like old fashioned straight legged jeans. I don't like sagging because it is in some cases indecent to see someone's behind, underwear or shorts above their britches. My main objection to this style is the safety factor. One day I had a sub job as a P.E. (don't giggle over this) teacher and a kid's pants fell and he tripped on them as they wrapped around his ankles while he was shooting hoops. Luckily, he was able to get back on his feet after this incidence but he could have broken a leg or something in the name of fashion.

This year, there is a new trend and it is to wear skin-tight jeans that I've heard called jeggings and also skinny jeans. Sometimes these jeans are so tight that I wonder if the kids wearing them are having problems breathing.

Or maybe these kids are just using:

Now there are a few kids out there wearing what I call a "hybrid style" jeans. They sag a pair of skinny jeans!

Sagging jeans have become controversial. For a while, rumors were flying that sagging jeans were a prison thing signaling sexual availability. Not so according to Snopes. Many cities and counties have enacted laws making sagging jeans illegal. Some have been challenged and cancelled out but some are still on the books. Go to Google or another search engine and type in "sagging pants laws" and see the huge amount of links to go to and read about this issue.

So, what do you think? Are sagging jeans attractive on young men and women or are they tacky or perhaps indecent?