05 February 2010

Potholder and Dishcloth Completed


Yesterday as dh and I went to the VA Hospital for my appointment, I sat in the waiting area and worked on this potholder.  I finished it last night and had only a small amount of one of my colors to make this dishcloth that I finished this morning.  The reason behind making a potholder is that I was looking at my potholders and they are TRASH!  I hate to waste them just because they're not pretty but the ones I have are way beyond the "not pretty anymore" stage.  I made this potholder to be functional.  This basic design is the workhorse of potholders.   The pattern is a freebie from Lion Brand Yarns.  It whipped up pretty quick and I'm going to make a couple more and throw my current (store-bought) supply in the trash.  The dishcloth is just one row single crochet and alternating rows that are double crochet, chain one and then skip a space and double crochet again all the way across. A single crochet edge finishes it off. Thanks for visiting...Sharon 

Look-Up #1 Song for Specific Dates Since 1940 and On This Day 05 Feb 1953--"Sweets" Rationing Ends

Are you ever curious as to what the #1 song was on the day you were born, married or other special day?  You can go to this page and look up #1 songs for dates since 1940.  OK, let's look at an event that happened this day in history and see what song the people back then were listening too.  On this day in history, 05 February 1953, Great Britain ends rationing of sweets--candies and confections.  Sugar was still rationed until September of that same year.  You can go here for more information on this event.  Anywho, in the UK, they may have been listening to Perry Como sing Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes. Here's the song for your listening enjoyment.  Note:  To turn off the blog's music player and to more comfortably listen to this song, go to the blog column on your right and scroll down to the music player.  Click on the pause button to turn the player's sound off.