30 May 2009

Happy Birthday to My Little Brother

Today is my baby brother's birthday. He was born on the day that Memorial Day was traditionally observed. Here is a picture of him and his little grandson Anthony. Aren't they cute? Happy Birthday Little Brother! Hugs to all...

A New Link for a Round Afghan

Lion Brand has a new pattern for a round afghan available for free. It is called Caitlin's Circle Afghan . I will be updating my post for links to free patterns for round afghans found here. It will take me a minute or two so be patient please lol . Hugs....

29 May 2009

Yes Folks It's ANOTHER Round Ripple Afghan!

Last night, I finished a round ripple afghan for my uncle. He's a great guy and is the substitute dad and big brother in my life. He recently started talking about retiring to Florida and I decided to give him the afghan I had already started on for a house warming gift. Turns out that he may not be going there for a while but I'll be giving it to him this summer to use when and where he wants. It's more than 6' from point to point! I wanted to use up a bunch of gold yarn and white that I had in my stash. I ended up buying a couple more skeins of the gold and one of the white. The yarn I used is from Red Heart except for the black that is a Caron yarn in the 1 lb. size (a staple in my stash). I used Aggie May's pattern. She is a member at www.crochetville.org and has generously given the pattern away upon request. If you like round afghans, I have compiled a list of FREE "roundish" afghan patterns and you can go here to see it. Do you think he'll like it? I've been a little concerned with the colors but I think they look kind of "sporty" and the design is masculine. Tell me what you think. Hugs to all...

27 May 2009

Pool Is Opened on Memorial Day

During Memorial Day weekend, we put up a pool in our backyard. We had one of these before and really missed not having one last year hence our decision to put one up again. Ray couldn't wait for the pool to fill completely so he "opened" it on the traditional day for pool openings. See how cold he looks? Just gotta love that guy. Hope you enjoy and find your own way to beat the heat this summer.

25 May 2009

Round Afghan Links--New Added

Round afghans have become very popular lately. A while back, I compiled a list of free patterns for them found on the Internet. I put them in a post and have updated it as I found new ones. I started thinking that not many people would be digging back to the old pages in my blog so I'm putting a link here for anyone who is interested.

14 May 2009

Our Wildlife Diner

I am notorious for feeding the squirrels and birds. I toss out stale bread to the animals all the time. I also put out seed for the birds and corn for the squirrels. Here is a picture of a squirrel dining at the "picnic table" my son constructed for the squirrels' diner located on a tree in the front yard. Hope you enjoy the picture. Hugs....

13 May 2009

Blooming Yard

Our yard has "bloomed" recently. I love flowers and I had to take pictures of some of the beautiful blooms there. I missed out on getting pictures of my snowball bush and lilacs so you'll just have to take my word for it that they were pretty too. Anyway, here are my other blooms for your pleasure.
The new azaleas.
I don't know what kind of bush this is but it is pretty.
This is a climbing rose bush. What is so unusual about it is that the roses on it are red and they are supposed to be ORANGE. Even odder, my next door neighbor has a RED rosebush and all his flowers are ORANGE!
The petunias are planted in the flower boxes. They'll really look great in a couple weeks when they fill out. The purple is a wave petunia.
Some of the purple irises in the front yard.
One of the peonies. Last year they didn't do well at all and I didn't even have one bloom. This year they're doing great.
Another one of the purple irises out front.
Some of the yellow irises by the pond in the backyard.
Some hen and chicks. We have so many of them that I often have to thin them out and toss them if no one wants them.

03 May 2009

Garden 2009 Started

Started our garden this weekend. In the top picture you can see the entire garden and the other 2 pictures show the tomato plants. So far I've planted tomatoes, carrots, two types of green beans, and 2 kinds of green peppers. I have more plants and seeds to go--onions, garlic, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, radishes more tomatoes and several types of peas. We learned last year that a small home garden isn't large enough to grow corn in so we're going to buy a couple bushels of corn to freeze. After planting what I have so far, dh and I decided that we're going to have to enlarge the garden. I have put a few pictures here of our garden. It will be interesting to see it progress during the growing season. Here's hugs for all...

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