31 October 2016

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (31 October 2016)

Here is a pattern for a cute little snowman. I can hardly believe that the holidays are almost here. Where has the time gone? Maybe all the naps I took this year really made the time fly by. Who knows but anyway it is time to get serious if you want to make decorations or gifts for Christmas like I do. I thought this pattern was cute because the snowman has a silly look about him. Check it out you might like it too.



Frosty the Snowman movie

30 October 2016

Another Lapghan for Donation

This is another lapghan made from odds and ends of partial skeins of yarn. This one has been languishing for a few months needing the ends woven in and today was the day to finish it. I decided to try a different type of square pattern in this one. I rather like it too as a matter of fact this gives me an idea for a regular throw or afghan by making the center out of 9 squares and then going along the sides until it gets to be the desired size. Here's the pattern for the square.

Hope you are doing well. Take care and stay warm.



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24 October 2016

Cheery Lapghan

Another lapghan finished for donation to the veterans home when it finally opens. It is scheduled to open in December; at least a year late opening. Anyway, I made the squares quite some time ago and I recently found them. I decided to take a break working on an afghan, because 2 afghans in 2 months is a lot to work on. Still need to wash this and probably block it too. I was concerned with the brightness of the colors but with winter coming on us, it might be cheerful for someone with SAD. Enough of  my rambling on--here's the picture:


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (24 October 2016)

Here's a pattern for some cozy crocheted boots. They look great and should keep your legs toasty warm. Might be good for someone who is prone to leg cramps in the cold weather that is on its way. Whoever they are for, I'm sure they will keep their legs and feet nice and warm.

Have fun!


Slippers for the family

17 October 2016

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (17 October 2016)

Keep your fingers from burning on too hot takeout coffee from your favorite place. The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky,  has come up with this pattern to protect you from burning your hands.

14 October 2016

A Few More Items

Here are some projects I recently finished. They were all easy and quick to make. I used Caron Cake yarn to make the hat and scarf. I love the colors this yarn comes in but I'm just not too fond of the flimsiness of the yarn and the recommended hand washing of items made from it. Some crocheters have machine washed their items without problems but just be careful.


Hat made with Caron cake yarn :

Scarf to go with the hat. The pattern makes a short scarf that fastens together with a button. I made this scarf a longer length and omitted the button. Here it is:

I am working on a manly looking afghan and it's almost 1/2 way finished. It's coming along nicely and I hope to have pictures before too long. 

Wishing you all happiness and health...



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10 October 2016

Monday's Link to a Free Crochet Pattern (10 October 2016)

After grocery shopping the other day and seeing all sorts of Christmas goodies everywhere it dawned on me that it is time to get working on Christmasy things. Today's link is to a free pattern for a small Christmas stocking. These would work nicely as small decorations or even to put small gifts into. Here's the link. Hope you enjoy.



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04 October 2016

My Version of a Granny Ripple

Just finished an afghan the other day. I used the Granny Goes Ripple pattern. The yarn I used was Caron Cake and Caron One Pound. I didn't realized that the Caron Cake was a wool and acrylic blend and was recommended to be hand washed. Another thing about Caron Cake yarn is that it is very light weight when compared to other medium weight worsted yarns. The afghan was going to be a gift but I decided to keep it for myself and make another one for a gift. Here's the pic:

Take care and hope all is well with you.


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02 October 2016

Bunches of Finished Projects

I'm feeling better now, just have to use a cane when I walk around stores and places like that. my back went out and I've been told I have degenerative arthritis, stenosis and degenerative disk disease--and they're all the same thing and it depends on who you talk to what it's called. I had a visiting nurse, occupational therapist and a physical therapist come to the house for a month. It was pretty frustrating to be laid up for so long and depend on husband for everything including bathing. He was a great nurse, just a little too over protective. You hear so much about the V.A. hospitals not giving good care to veterans but that just isn't so in my case. They gave me a wheel chair, bedside commode, shower chair and cane. They also arranged for the home health folks to visit me. I could have had someone come in and clean the house. I did turn that down because I have a problem with so many people coming and going. I am very thankful for the health care I receive from the V.A.

My primary care provider and I think that the flareup of severe back pain is related to me going back to church after many years of being a heathen and then doing the kneeling thing at church. Now I just sit when everyone else kneels.

I have a bunch of things to show you, some are from before I went in the hospital. Here they are:

Toddler Santa Hat

Bubble Dishcloth (archived copy)

made from scraps

Stocking hat

I also made an afghan and started another afghan. Those are for another time.  

Take care everyone!