29 July 2008

07-29-2008 On This Day 1890: Van Gogh Commits Suicide

This day in 1890, artist Vincent van Gogh, 37, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers-sur-Oise, France. Van Gogh is well known as a prime example of an expressionistic painter. However, while he was alive he only sold one painting! He suffered from mental illness, probably depression and ultimately this most likely was responsible for his suicide. To read more about him, go to http://cvc.csusb.edu/VincentVanGogh.htm to read a short biography about him. The painting displayed here is a self-portrait done after he cut his ear off.

07-29-2008 Latest slippers I made

I made these slippers from a pattern I found in an old Annie's Pattern Club newsletter. (Number 19, Feb-Mar. 1983 pp 54-55). They were quick and easy but definitely NOT one size for ladies as claimed. These will be put away to give as Christmas present for a "tween" girl. I was able to make the slippers in one sitting while watching a movie with dh. The motifs took another session while watching the news. I will have to adjust this pattern to adapt it for most of the adult ladies I know. Another very nice thing about these slippers is that they take so little yarn that they are a great buster of the left-over yarn stash.