21 August 2013

Look What I Found on Ancestry...

Way back in the early 90s, I became enamored with tracing my family tree and I worked it for about 5 years or so. That was back in the days before Internet and Ancestry.com were easily available. I was on Prodigy and there were some message boards I used and I used microfiche/film and other reference materials at the LDS Family History Centers close to where I lived. Then I got side-tracked and put little additional effort in researching for more leads. As a matter of fact, it had been so long, that my data files were stored on a floppy disc! 

A few months ago I bought a new genealogy program. The other day I finally installed it. The previous program I was using was Personal Ancestral File and that program is no longer supported. I purchased  Family Tree Maker Deluxe.  With this program, you can update your tree at Ancestry or on your computer and then sync them so all the changes show up on both places!  When I bought this program I got a 3 MONTH free trial for Ancestry.com too (I don't know if that was a limited thing time or not). I found this picture of my great-great grandparents on Ancestry and now I see where the chunkiness in the family comes from. 

 Once again, I'm up and running after my ancestors and filling in the blanks and looking for more branches.

Take care everyone!

Spiderman Baby/Toddler 'Ghan is Complete

It's done and now I'm getting ready to start a new project. I need to make a minion hat for a little boy.  There are several cute patterns in cyber-world and I need to pick one out.

Today is canning day. Yesterday's sauce is cooked down and I need to heat it, get it in jars and processed. Love the smell of tomato sauce cooking--it's like walking into an Italian restaurant. Who would of thought that plain ol' simmering tomato sauce could smell so good?

I'm rambling now so I'll be a good girl and get out of here.

Take care and stay tuned!

20 August 2013

A Glitch in Finishing Blanket Tonight

I'm crocheting along, only a few minutes to go and my latest project is finished. When to to my wondering eyes should appear but a "lump" on my project.

Seems that Nellie Belle wanted some attention and since she's now an only child, the yarn and hook were put aside and it was time for some cuddling.

I'll finish the blanket tomorrow and then we'll probably have some more "quality time". 

Take care,


Tomato Sauce Canning Time

Been picking, pureeing and cooking tomatoes for canning homemade tomato sauce. It's a lot of work but it is so delicious when compared to store-bought. I leave the skin on and then strain the seeds out after pureeing in the food processor so it is more nutritious.

15 August 2013

More Information on Picasa/Blogger Photo Storage Issues

Here is some more information on using Picasa for your blog photos.  Hope this helps out others before they get in the position of either having to pay for increased storage, resizing all their pictures or starting a new blog.


14 August 2013

Hope I'm Not Messing Things Up

I'm going through my picasa web albums and resizing and replacing all my pictures so that I don't have to pay for photo storage. Hope it's not goofing things up. I have started using Flickr and it's great with 1T of free storage but it is easier to use picasa. Crossing my fingers it turns out.

11 August 2013

Peeking at a Work in Progress


This is what I'm working on now. It is going to be a Spiderman baby afghan for a friend's soon-to-be-born new grandson. I have more rounds to make and the webbing to put on. I love making round ripple afghans, they're so relaxing to work on.

Stay tuned for the final product....


07 August 2013

So Far, a "Slipperful" Week :)

I'm starting to get my crochet mojo back--YAY! I've finished 2 pairs of slippers this week and one was from a new (to me) pattern.

First, a pair of slippers from the pattern that I have made more times than I can shake a stick at.


The other pair of slippers is named "Tennis Socks" from the book Big Foot Boutique (Annie's Attic). I enjoyed making slippers from this pattern and I will definitely be making more. I did not put the embellishments on these because I think they look fine as they are and I had the "itch" to move on to another project lol!


I started another spiderman baby blanket last night.  I already have another project on the short list--a minion hat. I don't even know what a minion thing is but, I have been noticing a lot of cartoons and some crochet projects about minions.

Gotta go. I put a link below here for the book the slipper pattern came from. There's also a pattern for a cute pair of cowboy slippers--best of all, the patterns in this book are sized for kids and adults!

05 August 2013

03 August 2013

Soft Green and Purple Baby Blanket.

Just finished this baby blanket today. The pattern I started with didn't work out. The center of the baby blanket was a granny stitch--meaning it looked similar to the pattern of stitches around the side of a granny square but it was made in rows and not rounds. The squares were supposed to go on the outside edges. My squares did not fit the sides of the center portion so I frogged the center and made a baby blanket out of basic granny squares. I think the colors give this blanket a special appeal. Okay, I've gabbed enough and here are some pictures. That's my Buster trying out the blanket. Now it's off to the washer with this one and time to tuck it away because the baby it's meant for isn't due for a few months.


01 August 2013