01 February 2010

The January Snow Here at Home

The things we do for our kids.  When we had our "big" snow of 4-6 inches, that was a big deal for our little chihuahuas, Opi and Nellie Belle.  If you think about it, that amount of snow hits them in the middle of their faces!  DH, the good doggie daddy that he is, shoveled an area for them to go outside to do their duty.  Here's a glimpse of  the "rest area." Barney, our "big girl" didn't have any problem with the snow as you can see by all of her foot prints.She loves to frolic in the snow.

DH thought I should put this picture in here so you can see what our pond fish are living under. He made this cover to put over the pond to keep all the leaves and winter debris out of the pond to save beaucoup effort to clean it in the spring.

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern

Today's free pattern is for a crocheted baby set and afghan done in the shell stitch.  Enjoy...