04 July 2015

Pretty Pink Lapghan--Finished

Hot off my hook last night is this pretty pink and creamy white lapghan. This would also work out as a toddler blanket too. No pattern just solid granny squares in 4 rounds and 12 rounds. This is a gift for an older relative. Now I need to figure out my next project.

Have a great 4th of July!


Patriotic Popeye

For your 4th of July holiday pleasure, here is a Popeye cartoon "Patriotic Popeye."  There aren't many places that you can live that you may protest the government and openly work to change it. God bless all our veterans who have fought or been ready to fight for all the freedoms we enjoy. Have a great holiday and remember the foundations our country was built on.


03 July 2015

WIP is Pink...

I'm finishing up a project and should be able to show it to you in a day or two. I'm making use of some pink yarn that I had gotten a sale on a few months ago and added too many 1 pound skeins to my stash. 

Stay tuned...


29 June 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (29 June 2015)

I love the look of crocheted doilies. They're pretty and add a lightness to the decor. Today's pattern link isn't for a doily but rather for a doily-ish rug. It is made out of t-shirt yarn but you might be able to "fudge" and use several strands of worsted for a different look. Whatever you do, have fun!


26 June 2015

In a Crocheter's Ideal World...

In a crocheter's ideal world, they will never be told by the recipient of a crocheted gift that said gift was tossed in the trash. When a crocheter makes a gift, even a small object such as a hat, much time is spent making said object. Love is worked into the stitches and a bit of the crocheter's affection rubs off on the person every time they use the item. If the item is not wanted or doesn't fit or some other reason, please donate it or give it away but please don't trash like-new things such as hats and slippers. It doesn't take much to put it in the donation box at Goodwill and someone else can be touched by loving stitches.

25 June 2015

Our Nellie Belle

Nellie Belle will be 10 in August. That's not too old for a chihuahua because life expectancy is about 16 or more years. Nellie started hobbling on 3 legs and developed a cough that sounded very similar to a cat trying to bring up a hairball. So, being the good mom that I am, we went to the vet. Nellie was all happy to be going bye-bye in the car (she loooves going for rides).

*Arthritis in her rear right leg
*Heart murmur. The cough is a classic symptom of heart murmur in canines.

The vet prescribed a pain killer for the arthritis to be taken as needed and Lasix for Nellie. The Lasix has eased her cough by removing fluids from around the heart. She drinks like a gazillion gallons of water and pees like a race horse but she is doing better. There is no cure for a heart murmur other than very expensive surgery and it was not offered for Nellie. On a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being the most severe, Nellie's murmur is at a 4. We learned that even though she may still like to play like a puppy, we have to try to keep her from getting over stimulated. About 2 weeks ago, she was running the fence line while the neighbor was cutting his grass. She has done this for almost 10 years every time he cuts his grass. Now, the exercise is too strenuous for her and she fainted. I never heard of a dog fainting before and I rushed her to the vet and that's when I learned that even though our Belle-Belle is playful as a pup her health is fragile and she has to take it easy. A murmur can develop fast. Just a couple months ago she was at the vet in Florida and her heart sounded good. Nellie has become a bit picky with her food and treats but otherwise she is very playful and active.

I wasn't going to post about this but I decided so that if any of your fur babies has an innocuous sounding cough, you might want to get it checked out because there may be a more serious issue.