07 August 2019

She Shed in Progress

Husband is getting tired of seeing yarn and crochet projects in the house. He wanted to get a storage space to move all my stuff to. Can you imagine how expensive that could become? My suggestion was to get a shed and turn it into a she shed and that's what we decided to do. This will not be a quick project. l will need to stash some money to finish it. The shed is 20' x 12' and contains 2 small loft areas.

Plans are to add electricity and finish the walls, ceiling and floor. We also plan to add 2 additional windows on the front. Husband has dug an 18" deep ditch from the house to the she shed to lay a pipe that contains the electrical wires in. We are upgrading the electrical on our house so "electrifying" the she shed is an add-on to that project. 

I am getting so excited about having a she shed. Maybe it goes back to being a kid and making "forts" and "club houses" out of boxes and blankets. Maybe I am going through my second childhood or something. That's ok because I am enjoying myself making plans. 😁 Before I get to babbling for a few more paragraphs, I will share a picture of my she shed on the lot I bought it at.

Stay tune for more updates.



05 August 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (05 August 2019)

Drops Design often has classy patterns for crochet. I think this poncho is super sweet. Normally, I think that ponchos have had their day but I think this one is very interesting and it is something that I would wear if I had the chance to make it. If anyone has made this, let me know what you think of the pattern.



More patterns for ponchos, some vintage, some retro too

29 July 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (29 July 2019)

Have you ever had chicken breasts that cooked up dry? It is drool worthy to smell the delicious aroma of chicken cooking on the grill but what a disappointment to bite into a chicken breast that is drys as sandpaper! We have the discovered the benefits of soaking the chicken in a brine before cooking.  The brined chicken breasts cook up very juicy and tasty.

Here's how we do it:

Whole Chicken (3- to 8-pound): Mix 2 quarts cold water with 1/2 cup table salt; brine 1 hour.

Bone-in Chicken Pieces (4 pounds): Mix 2 quarts cold water with ½ cup table salt; brine ½ to 1 hour.
Boneless, Skinless Chicken breasts (up to 6 breasts): Mix 1½ quarts cold water with 3 tablespoons table salt; brine ½ to 1 hour.
  • After brining is finished, do a quick rinse of the chicken pieces and bake or grill.
This makes delicious and juicy grilled or baked chicken. 

  • Do not brine longer than recommended or foods will become overly salty.
  • May add seasonings to the brine solution.
  • Brined chicken does not brown or get as crispy as unbrined chicked so not great for fried chicken if you like it crispy.
  • I have also used coarse Mediterranean salt and coarse kosher salt instead of table salt. You may have to stir a little longer to dissolve in water.