31 July 2015

Green Hat and Scarf Set

Here is a finished project that for some reason, I haven't shown you before. I used free patterns on Ravelry to make these. The hat is Rubylene Hat and the scarf is Rubylene Scarf . These items are quick and easy to make.

I still have another finished object to show you but I'll wait on that for another time. Take care everyone.


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27 July 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (27 July 2015)

Today's link will take you to a pattern for a beautiful baby sweater with a pineapple design. It is dainty and pretty and has a traditional baby look about it.

Enjoy and have a great week!


26 July 2015

WIP--Shades of Purple

The project I'm currently working on is another lapghan for the vets. This one, as you can see, will be in shades of  purple. Still making squares for this one. All the yarn is from odds and ends of scraps to make this one and most of it is from what son and daughter-in-law picked up at a yard sale for me. Love it when they do that; I can play it forward with lapghans.

Been fighting a nasty summer cold. The upside of this is that I've lost 10 pounds! I don't think I care for this method of weight loss. I'm looking for a weight loss that involves a magic wand,

Have a blessed Sunday and a super week. Be cool everyone!


20 July 2015

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (20 July 2015)

It's not too soon to start thinking of projects for Christmas. Today's project is for Christmas decorations. You'll find this pattern booklet has a chubby Santa and Mrs. Claus plus more characters too. Benefit to working on these projects now is that they're small enough to work on during the hot summer days. Here is the link to download the booklet.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

17 July 2015

New Crochet Gadget

I bought these crochet gadgets the other day. I thought they would be handy for traveling.

I tried one of them out this morning. I like the feel of holding this device as I'm crocheting. What I do not like is the fact that it repeatedly folded back in on itself as I crocheted. I think I expected it to be like pocket knives that are a bit stiff to operate and this is very loose. At the present time, these items are only available at select Walmarts (per a post on Boye Facebook page). The cost for one of these is almost $8.