24 November 2014

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Patterns (24 November 2014)

It's exactly 1 month until Christmas Eve and we hope to have our holiday decorating done long before then when we will have the last minute rush to wrap a few (hopefully only a few) presents. Item's made from today's patterns can be used as a special touch on wrapped gifts and your tree.

Take care everyone.


22 November 2014

Slippers for Men in 2 Sizes

Two more pairs of slippers finished. The first pair I had to write a new pattern based on the slipper pattern I very frequently use.

It's a bit hectic here. We're trying to get out the door Monday and head down to Florida before there's another snowy blast from Mother Nature. See you later here in blog land.

Take care everyone...


21 November 2014

Scarf for a Man

Here is a scarf for a man I made. It was easy as pie to crochet. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in camouflage and Caron pounder in a khaki color (not sure of the exact name of this one). Here's what I did--
  • You need 2 skeins of yarn and H hook
  • Chain 226
  • Row 1-26 sc in blo,225 stitches per row.
  • Change colors every other row.
  • Finish off 
This makes an easy-peasy scarf for a guy.

Hope everyone is on-track with their Christmas/holiday projects and staying warm too. We've only had 1 1/2 inches of snow but it has already melted. So far, we have delayed our trip down to Florida a couple times but we should hopefully be there in the near future.

Hugs to all,

17 November 2014

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern (17 November 2014)

Today's patterns are for items that can be used to decorate your Christmas tree with a homespun look or for a special touch on gifts.

Merry hooking everyone!


14 November 2014

What to Do with Small Balls of Left-Over Yarn

I hate to throw away those little bits of yarn that seem to accumulate after working a few crochet projects. So, I have broken out my spool knitter--

and I am making long lengths of  cord, whatchacallit, or "fat yarn" (I have no idea of the correct name).

When the length of "fat yarn" becomes a bit unmanageable I take my S hook

and crochet things like this mat I'm making to put on the floor for Nellie Belle to nap on.

The long side of this mat is about 2 1/2 feet long. I'm planning to make it a square shape. If you do something like this, don't plan on it being a fast project just because you have lots of yarn scraps to use up. This takes a looooong time! I dismantled another rug thingie that I had previously made for my furry kids. I used too big of a hook and their nails kept getting caught in it so it had to go. Here's the blog post about the loose-weave mat --hard to believe it's been 5 years already.

There's my Nellie Belle and Opi. Sure do miss that little guy.

I frequently have CADD otherwise known as Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder so I go back and forth with this project, my current wip and scrappy grannies sometimes several times in an evening.

Sorry for the "ghosting" on some pictures. I don't know what does that.

Take care...

Amazon has Christmas sweaters for your pets.