12 April 2011

Hooking Along...

I'm going visiting in California the end of May. I feel like a jet-setter (is that word still used???) since this will be my 2nd trip this year. I have a friend in California that I've been friends with since high school and I'm making her a few things. I've already given her an afghan a couple years ago. My other friend is a new one and she sent me the ticket so I am making her a granny ghan in her favorite football team (Vikings) colors of gold and purple. Here's what I have done so far:

The big squares are 12 rounds and the smaller ones are 6 rounds and then I join 4 smaller ones and make them into squares they will be the same size as the big ones. I'm on my 2nd pound of the gold and 2nd of the purple. The white yarn is Red Heart Super-Saver (2nd skein in use) and both the gold and purple are Caron One Pounders.

I'll be adding a border when I get these joined and I'll see how big the ghan looks before I decide how wide I'll make the border. Every time I walk by this project, I pick it up and make 1 or 2 sets of stitches.

Guess you can tell where our swimming pool was last summer. :)

That's the status of my crocheting for now.

Y'all have a nice day...


  1. How exciting that you're going on this trip!!! And the ghan is going to be super and well loved no doubt. Isn't it wonderful to have old friends, it makes no difference how often you see them or not they are certainly held deep in the heart ... and what a special new friend, what a gift! You must be so excited.

  2. I am very excited! It is so exciting to get together and rehash old memories and make new ones too. I am so appreciative that she bought the ticket for me.


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