04 July 2009

Watch Out for Karma!

A comedy show I've been enjoying lately is My Name is Earl. When I first heard about this show I thought, hmmm, that's one cheesy, low-class show. However, after I watched it I fell in love with the show and the wisdom that karma will get you if you do wrong to someone. Yes, I believe in karma. Here's a story to illustrate that.
In the 1960s, a couple worked very hard to buy and payoff a new home to raise their 3 children in. The husband worked many over-time hours at a factory and the wife worked as a secretary at a car dealership. The kids were put into public schools instead of attending Catholic elementary school as they had previously attended in the old neighborhood. After living in the new house for maybe 14 months, the woman died. She had a CVA, in other words a stroke. She hung on for a few days until the husband was forced to make the hard decision to disconnect her from life-support. At the age of 33 she passed away 11 days before Christmas and the entire family was devastated. Three children were left motherless--a 12 yo, a 9 yo and a 6 yo. A friend of the deceased woman's cousin started setting her snare for the man by taking the kids to museums, buying them clothes flirting with the man at the funeral home and sleeping with him about 5 months later. She was sporting a 1/2 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring before the modest marker was put on the 1st wife's grave. Less than 10 months after the children's mother died, the man and the woman married. Before they were married, she insisted that her name be put on the deed for the house. Did I mention before that said house was paid for? He complied with her wishes. After the marriage, he worked the 3-to-11 shift and rarely saw his children and turned over all their care to the woman. He never spent time with them without the woman. She liberally used corporal punishment and verbal abuse ("your mother wasn't as perfect as you think", "you're never going to amount to anything", and "you're getting out of here when you're 18" and similar comments). She even used wood cutting boards to beat the kids with even when they were 18 years old! Why? This punishment was given for putting the toilet paper up wrong and it unwound from the back instead of the front or maybe for putting the towels in the linen closet and the wrong edges were facing out. The youngest child was easy for her to mold and now doesn't even remember the REAL mother. Still to this day, the woman has alienated and slandered the 2 older children and they are most likely disinherited. She has created fantastical stories about the older children to turn the father against them. Guess I'm going into too many details and straying from karma so let me get back on task. Fast forward to the present. The man and woman have been trying to sell this property for over a year. The property has been used as collateral to support their fancy life-style--boats including a ski boat and 32 footer, RVs, and 2nd homes in Florida. Unfortunately for them, the housing market has soured. The house isn't selling! She had to ensure that she got the house and the children from his first wife lost their home and now she CAN'T GET RID OF IT! I guess you can take a lesson from Earl and say, karma got her!
I believe that if you live your life with a little Christian charity you will experience good karma. I have tried to learn from this example and others. So, that's my story for today. Hope you are not too bored. Hugs to all...