23 February 2012

Traditional Winter Hat for Youngster

I was perusing some pattern books that I've had for eons and decided to make something from one of them. This is a kid's hat (comes in adult size too) that I decided to make. It is made out of double strands of worsted weight so it is quite thick when finished. I know that it will keep some youngster's ears toasty warm.

The hat is part of a set that includes a scarf and matching mittens. I didn't have enough coordinating yarn to make all 3 so I decided to make just the hat. It was very easy to make. This is the book that also has the pattern for my favorite slippers. Here's a picture of the book:

I started a baby blanket today. I think I have my CADD (crochet attention deficit disorder) under control at the moment and hope to stay in a productive mode.

Guess this is it for now. Take care everyone...