31 August 2012

What's Wrong With Blogger???

I normally moderate comments from the dashboard and just delete notifications that come in my email account. Yesterday I noticed that I didn't have any comments on the dashboard but did in my email. What's the story blogger? I almost missed the comments from some good blogger buddies. Get it together booger blogger!

30 August 2012

A Funny Bone Tickler

Saw this on fb and had to share with you.

Not much is going on here. I'm stumped on the vest I've been working on forever. The problem is  that I am at a part where I have to think and pay attention to what I'm doing. I did make a quick pair of slippers to try and get my crochet mojo back but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. 

I had my eyes examined yesterday and ordered glasses from Zenni Optical. The frames are stylish and for a pair of glasses with no line bifocals and poly carbonate lenses PLUS a pair of no line bifocal sunglasses I spent $113.80 total price. I've never had prescription sunglasses before and I'm breaking down and getting some because I'm tired of squinting when I drive. When the glasses come in I'll let you see them and give a review. 

Okay, that's it for now.

28 August 2012

How Women in France Burn Calories

My friend Mary R. sent me this video and I immediately felt compelled to share it with you. Here ya go....


27 August 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (27 August 2012)

Today's pattern is very popular with crocheters visiting one of the crochet groups I belong to. I hope you enjoy it too. Have a great week everyone.

Address To The Moon
How sweet the silver Moon’s pale ray,
Falls trembling on the distant bay,
O’er which the breezes sigh no more,
Nor billows lash the sounding shore.
Say, do the eyes of those I love,
Lonely, majestic and serene,
The calm and placid evening’s Queen?
Say, if upon thy peaceful breast,
Departed spirits find their rest,
For who would wish a fairer home,
Than in that bright, refulgent dome?
--Nathaniel Hawthorne

24 August 2012

Kentucky State Fair Visit

Note: I originally posted this on Friday but ended up with the wrong video. So sorry about that!!! I was having lots of difficulty posting then and now I ended up using IE browser instead of
Chrome because Chrome wouldn't let me change the video! Thanks go to Debi for pointing out that I posted the wrong video.

On Thursday, hubs and I went to the state fair in Louisville, Kentucky. I've only been to 2 state fairs in my life. The first was the Illinois State Fair when I was a teenager and the other was when we were stationed in Hawaii in the early 90s. This fair was a bit different. The others were outdoors in the open air and tents and this one was indoors in an exposition center with some vendors outdoors. It was comfortable to be able to walk around in an air conditioned space. Taking pictures was a problem due to horrible lighting, using flash used up my battery fast and then I ended up taking many pictures with my cell. Also, glass display cases reflected the light and the best I could do in many instances was to stand at a less than optimal angle to move the reflection to a less important place. I was surprised at the lack of crocheted items. There was a display of doilies and one afghan was in the 4-H room. I totally enjoyed myself anyway and I took beaucoup pictures and put them to some Stephen Foster music. I know this is quite long but the music is worthwhile to listen to. We spent almost 5 hours there and were totally worn out by the time we left. We missed seeing some of the animals but did see all of the nifty crafty things. I hope you enjoy this and that it isn't too long for you.

Note: Sometimes my blog will have music playing (usually Christmas time) and you can scroll down the column on your right to turn off the music player to hear the audio on the video better.

21 August 2012

Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe Giveaway

There is a giveaway for 2 skeins of Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe yarn. Check it out and I hope one of you will win!

Do a deed of simple kindness;
Though its end you may not see.
It may reach, like widening ripples,
Down a long eternity.
--Joseph Norris


Yarn Clippings Upcycled

I have been saving the yarn clippings that are left after weaving in ends. Some of them I toss outside for the birds to use in building their nests and the bulk of them I stuffed in this clear glass vase. They help to hold the artificial flowers in place and at the same time hide the stems.

Not much going on in my crochet world. I haven't done anything on the vest I'm making since the last time I posted a picture. I've had some appointments with the doctor--nothing wrong, just routine visits that I've procrastinated about and now I have quite a few appointments and procedures to go to. Next week I'm going to have my eyes examined at Walmart and I'm taking my prescription to Sears where a special is going on for 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 and they include no-line bifocals! That's only $9.99 more than I paid for my 1 pair of "free" glasses from the VA a few years ago. The reason my free pair of glasses cost $90 was because I chose the option of having no-line bifocals. At the VA, there were only a few pairs of glasses to choose from too. If it's not too much additional cost, I'm going to see about having one pair of glasses tinted like sunglasses. I'll decide about the sunglasses after they quote me a price. Sears does not accept my insurance (Tricare--military insurance) and that's why I have to have my exam done elsewhere. Take care everyone and have a great week!.


20 August 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (20 August 2012)

I'm not sure if you'd call today's pattern a poncho or a capelet. Whatever you call it, it's kind of cute and not just for hippies ;). Y'all have a great week.


16 August 2012

A Giveaway--Bernat's Mosaic

All Free Crochet is having another giveaway on this page. This time, they are giving away Bernat Mosaic yarn. Hurry on over and get your chance to win this. Someone I know has got to win one of these great giveaways that All Free Crochet is having. Good luck!

A Super Blogger Is Having a Great Giveaway!!!

Go here and see the great giveaway at My Crochets, Mis Tejidos. She's giving away a nice set of hooks and a logo backpack. Hurry for your chance to win.

That's my Nellie in another old picture. No reason for this picture being posted here, I just "found" it and decided to post it.

Have a great day!

15 August 2012

Handy Information for Veterans

There are many many disable veterans out there who need assistance. The Disabled American Veterans offer help free of charge. After hunting for the number to the Louisville, KY office I came upon this national listing for their numbers so I'm posting it here to help those of you who may need a number or know someone who does.

DAV National Service Offices Roster

14 August 2012

Bernat Giveaway

Bernat is having a giveaway. I just wanted to let you know about it. No, I don't get extra entries for letting you know or anything. I just want to see someone I "know" win one of these big company giveaways.  What are you waiting for--Go HERE!

I know the picture doesn't go with this post but I saw this recently and just decided to share it for the heck of it. This is Opi before he started turning gray and looking like a raccoon. He's wearing his bathrobe and kicking back in the little rocker.

Vest Status

Today's update on the vest--

One thing I've found strange about this pattern is that the shaping around the arm opening is uneven. It starts on one row for the one side and then starts on the next row for the other side. I read the pattern several times and I didn't misread it. Should be interesting to see the finished object. So far this is an easy pattern and I think if there are any problems making it, then the collar maybe a bit more challenging. I'll just have to wait and see. (Pattern info: Kim Biddix, “Lace-Collared Vest,” Crochet! July 2007, 38-40, 89-90.)

For attractive lips,
Speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes,
Seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure,
Share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair,
Let a child run his or her fingers
through it once a day.
For poise,
Walk with the knowledge you'll
never walk alone.
--Audrey Hepburn

13 August 2012

Ladies Lace-Collared Vest--A WIP

Remember how I was talking not long ago about making a wearable for  me? The more patterns I looked at the more I realized that even though I have a very large stash of yarn, it seems that I didn't have enough of one color that I liked to have a sweater made out of. Soooo, digging through some more patterns, I decided to make a vest. Here's the pattern I chose--

Pattern info: Kim Biddix, “Lace-Collared Vest,” Crochet! July 2007, 38-40, 89-90.

I started working on it last night and I finished about 1/2 of the back. So far it looks like a big rectangle.

The yarn I'm using is a Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The color  is a light sage tweed and it is named "frosty green fleck." I'm hoping by posting pictures this soon into it, that I'll keep motivated to finish it especially if I hit a problem or 2. I think I should have chained 2 instead of 3 when starting new rows; I'll do that on the front pieces. As long as this turns out, I think it will look great with a pair of jeans when the weather gets chilly.

All that we have and are is one of the
unique and never-to-be-repeated ways God
has chosen to express Himself in space and
time. Each of us, made in His image and
likeness, is yet another promise He has
made to the universe that He will continue
to love it and care for it.
--Brennan Manning


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (13 August 2012)

I love round afghans. I even have a page on my blog that lists a plethora (I love that word) of links for free patterns for round afghans. Anyway, for today's free pattern link I'm putting a link to one of these. So go here and check it out.

12 August 2012

It's a Pencil, It's a Scarf...

I saw a scarf made from this pattern a looong time ago and it just made it to the top of the list for a quick crochet fix. I ended up winging it and not following the pattern. I wish that all patterns would tell you it the chain 3 did or did not count as first dc. I also made the "eraser" and the "metal band" different widths too. Overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out.

It's great here today. The weather is a bit cooler and we actually turned off the a/c and opened the windows and doors. The garden didn't do too well this year because of the heat. DH watered the heck out of it but it still seemed to "cook" most of the garden. I'm still getting some tomatoes but that's about all.

I've been delaying starting my wearable project. For one thing, I didn't realize how much yarn that a sweater took. I then started looking at vests and that's where I'm at now. I'll figure something out very soon.

Take care y'all...


10 August 2012

Win 3 Skeins of Red Heart Classic Yarn

Go here to win 3 skeins of Red Heart Classic Yarn. It is a worsted weight in a pretty green color. So go and get your entries in! Good luck and hopefully one of the bloggers I know will win!

09 August 2012

Summer Sky Baby Ripple

I finished this last night. The pattern is a freebie from here. This blanket goes with the one in the next picture (you may remember it ) for my cousin's twins due in a couple months.

I started and ended with 5 rows of color A (blue/green). 2 rows of color B (multi/cream) between colors A and C. Color C ripples are 3 rows (yellow/pink). I listed the first colors as "boys/girls." I enjoyed making this blanket. It just takes a bit longer since it is all single crochets.

Moving on to my first real wearable...

08 August 2012

What to Do???

I only have a few ends to weave in on the baby blanket I'm making. After sizing up my stash the other day (instead of downsizing like I promised myself) I'm self-debating about my next project. I've been considering making a sweater for me. Yes, a WEARABLE and for ME!!! I have another afghan I want to make for a friend but it's on hold for now. This pale green yarn with some flecks in it is just begging to be made into a sweater for me. I haven't made anything for myself in a long time so maybe it is about time to do that. Here's a couple patterns I'm debating over and let me know if you have made either of these--

 Robyn Chachula, “Ridge Swing Cardigan,” Interweave Crochet, FALL 2008, 14-17

New Crochet Basics 12 Designs for Beginners (Little Rock: Leisure Arts, n.d.), 14,27-28.

A beautiful woman appeals to the eye;
a good woman appeals to the heart.
One is a jewel; the other, a treasure.
--Napoleon Bonapart

How to Blow the Budget

It is possible to blow the budget by stopping in at Walmart and seeing that there is some activity going on over by the yarn. Many skeins have a discounted price sticker and if you happen to scan it under a price checker an even more discounted price shows up! I went pretty CRAZY! Here's the skein price for what I got:

  • Pound of Love $4.50
  • Red Heart Super Saver $1.50
  • Caron Simply Soft for $2.00
  • Red Heart SS without labels $1.00
I couldn't resist! I do believe that I am going to make something for myself out of some of this yarn. Maybe I'll even tackle a simple sweater! Stay tuned 'cause you never know what this flaky lady will be up to next!


06 August 2012

Prayer for Americans

I saw this on facebook and I thought it well worth sharing.

Little Baby Birds

Hubby told me to look at the picture he took with my camera. All I saw was a bird nest with some funny looking triangles in it. After downloading it to the computer, lo and behold it was a couple baby birds.

Of course I had to go see them for myself. Their mother had built their nest in a snowball bush in the backyard. This bush is right next to the patio where we frequently sit during the afternoons.  I am always amazed at how close to humans some birds will build their nests. I had to take my own picture and I caught this hungry looking baby.

..."Welcome, sweet bird!" I fondly cried,
No danger need'st thou fear,
Secure with me thou may'st abide,
Till warmer suns appear.
--Charlotte Richardson


Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (06 August 2012)

As I was chatting on the phone with my good friend, I was surfing the net looking for a pattern link to post for today. Now this friend makes killer tacos and when I saw this pattern  I knew I had to post this. Of course, she told me she had to have one too so this is close to the top of my to-do list now. Have a great week everyone!

My friend is not perfect--no more than I am--so we suit each other admirably.--Alexander Smith

05 August 2012

Found Pattern that Includes My Name

One of My Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Just for the heck of it, I looked up patterns that had my first name in the pattern title. I found a pretty doily named Rose of  Sharon free and the same pattern for sale at numerous places on the web. I found a beautiful quilt pattern called Rose of Sharon here and it's another freebie. Makes me wish that I was talented enough to make something similar. Have you found any patterns with your name?

We have not made ourselves, we are the gift of the living God to one another.--Duell Bethany

Rose of Sharon Shrubs

04 August 2012

Bernat Premium Yarn Giveaway

Head on over to AllFreeCrochet for your chance to win some Bernat Premium yarn in a beautiful aqua color.

Good luck everyone. I hope someone I know in blogland wins one of these frequent giveaways on AllFreeCrochet!

Some days, it is enough encouragement jut to watch the clouds break up and disappear, leaving behind a blue patch of sky and bright sunshine that is so warm upon my face. It's a glimpse of divinity; a kiss from heaven.--author unknown

03 August 2012

Job Interview

I had an interview with the Census Bureau yesterday. I was surprised when they called me because I thought the census was completed. Actually, what is going on now is surveys. Did you ever hear news reports that say something like, "According to the Census Bureau, Americans are receiving less in their paychecks?" Those questions are from surveys compiled AFTER the big-every-10-year-census. What I like about this job is that once in a while there might be travel involved. If I get the job, I'll have to go to training in either Charlotte, NC or Philadelphia, PA. Either place would be okay with me. On my off time I might have a chance to see an old friend from my navy days in Philly or if I go to Charlotte I'd hope for a chance to visit the library since some of my ancestors lived in that area in the early 1700s and I'd like to see what kind of dirt I could dig up on them. Anyway, the money isn't great since I'd only be working 25 hours a month but I could do a small grocery shopping for dh and me and have a few dollars for yarn. I'm really hoping I get this job, I was the only veteran there so with my 10 extra points as a disabled veteran, and a good interview (I think) I have a good chance. If it's meant to be I'll get the job if not, maybe something else will come up.