25 May 2017

Tootsie Warmers

Here are a few more pairs of tootsie warmers aka slippers that I have recently finished. Two pairs are for the granddaughter. I made them out of leftover yarn from the afghan I made for her graduation gift. She will be going away to school soon and I think she might like a few pairs to take with her. The other pair, the yellow and white ones, will be going into the gift drawer to be given to someone later on. I find it advantageous to keep a supply of these on hand.

The rose and black pair I made according to the pattern but the other 2 pairs, I made a shorter cuff, I chained 3 (instead of 11) for the back portion of the slippers.

That's all for now folks.


Womens Suede Shearling Slip On Moccasin Slippers

Slippers for the family