23 January 2017

Quick Note.

I have endeavored to keep my blog posts free from political themes. However, today I feel I must put my 2 cents out in blogland. Many of my fellow Americans have given our new president less than 24 hours to demonstrate that he is trying to work for the betterment of our great nation. Women have marched in our capital and in other parts of our nation. Hoodlums have rioted, demonstrated, and caused injuries. All this was done without giving President Trump a chance. A single word that demonstrates this is "prejudice" and it is NOT a pretty word. His former opponent, Hillary Rodham-Clinton has tweeted her support of the marchers. If she truly was a patriot, she would have urged her supporters to get behind the president and if his actions were intolerable, then follow the proper protocol to make changes.

I could go on and on but I will stop here.