09 August 2008

08-09-2008 This Day in 1910 Electric Washers Patented, Canning Update

August 9th, 1910 Alva Fisher patents electric washing machine. Throw out the scrub board and stop beating your laundry on the rocks by the stream! Yippppeeee a washing machine! With my overflowing closet and my procrastination about doing laundry, I would spend a month of Sundays at the ol' river washing my clothes if it wasn't for Mr. Fisher. Go to this url to check out a little bit about the history of washing machines http://inventors.about.com/od/wstartinventions/a/washingmachines.htm.

Check out the picture I have posted here of a concept washing machine that may even clean itself every time you flush it. It is a washing machine-toilet that flushes with the washer water! Go here to this link to read a little bit about it http://www.envirogadget.com/recycling/combined-washing-machine-and-toilet/.

Pickles are all pickled! What a time-consuming job and recipe I used. I was getting really frustrated trying to use my big stockpot to sterile jars and do the hotbath of the canned pickles in. When I splashed myself twice with boiling water because I didn't have the whatchacallit to move the jars in and out of the boiling water with I stopped what I was doing and dashed over to the local discount store to buy a big canning pot with the basket in it and the canning tongs (I guess that's what they're called). I had about a 1/2 dozen tomatoes and a small bowl of cherry tomatoes that we weren't going to use before they went bad so I made tomato sauce and canned it. I only got 2 small jars but hey, at least it didn't get wasted.