21 August 2012

Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe Giveaway

There is a giveaway for 2 skeins of Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Bamboo Ewe yarn. Check it out and I hope one of you will win!

Do a deed of simple kindness;
Though its end you may not see.
It may reach, like widening ripples,
Down a long eternity.
--Joseph Norris


Yarn Clippings Upcycled

I have been saving the yarn clippings that are left after weaving in ends. Some of them I toss outside for the birds to use in building their nests and the bulk of them I stuffed in this clear glass vase. They help to hold the artificial flowers in place and at the same time hide the stems.

Not much going on in my crochet world. I haven't done anything on the vest I'm making since the last time I posted a picture. I've had some appointments with the doctor--nothing wrong, just routine visits that I've procrastinated about and now I have quite a few appointments and procedures to go to. Next week I'm going to have my eyes examined at Walmart and I'm taking my prescription to Sears where a special is going on for 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 and they include no-line bifocals! That's only $9.99 more than I paid for my 1 pair of "free" glasses from the VA a few years ago. The reason my free pair of glasses cost $90 was because I chose the option of having no-line bifocals. At the VA, there were only a few pairs of glasses to choose from too. If it's not too much additional cost, I'm going to see about having one pair of glasses tinted like sunglasses. I'll decide about the sunglasses after they quote me a price. Sears does not accept my insurance (Tricare--military insurance) and that's why I have to have my exam done elsewhere. Take care everyone and have a great week!.