11 November 2014

Honoring Veterans and Finished Crochet Projects

Happy Veterans Day!!! There are a few of you who are veterans and I want to sincerely give you my thanks on this special day. For veterans, many restaurants are offering free meals or some free food items. Here is a link that has a big list.

Other stores have discounts for veterans and military family members. All you have to do is ask and show your military id or card from the V.A. as proof. The Home Depot and Lowes by our house always gives a 10% discount.

On to my crochet news.  I noticed that many younger people are wearing slouchy hats so I made one to give as a Christmas gift for a special young lady. I like the pattern of the scarf I made to go with it but I believe that I will modify the pattern the next time I make it and do it longer and slightly narrower. Another modification I might make is to use a larger hook to make the scarf less rigid and more flexible. I do like the opportunity to modify the "stripe" design in this one to use up odds and ends of left-over yarn. I used 3 colors to make the scarf and hat. My main color was a raspberry/burgundy-ish color. The other colors I used were a variegated that had hints of the maincolor and the 3rd color--purple. Here's the pics--

Close-up of scarf.

Close up of hat

With the left-over yarn from the hat and scarf, I made ANOTHER pair of slippers. 

And last item for today, is Santa's hat #2 for this year.

Son's church is fixing shoe boxes with small gifts to give to children in other countries. I filled a couple boxes and included some crocheted slippers and gave son a child's hat to put in his box. You get to choose the age and gender of the child you'd like to fix boxes for. I chose the older children because I figured it would be one of their last chances to receive one. So, if you have a surplus of small items in your gift drawer, maybe donating to a cause such as this will help spread the joy of the season and thin out your supply of gift items.

Have a great day and stay warm my friends.