07 August 2019

She Shed in Progress

Husband is getting tired of seeing yarn and crochet projects in the house. He wanted to get a storage space to move all my stuff to. Can you imagine how expensive that could become? My suggestion was to get a shed and turn it into a she shed and that's what we decided to do. This will not be a quick project. l will need to stash some money to finish it. The shed is 20' x 12' and contains 2 small loft areas.

Plans are to add electricity and finish the walls, ceiling and floor. We also plan to add 2 additional windows on the front. Husband has dug an 18" deep ditch from the house to the she shed to lay a pipe that contains the electrical wires in. We are upgrading the electrical on our house so "electrifying" the she shed is an add-on to that project. 

I am getting so excited about having a she shed. Maybe it goes back to being a kid and making "forts" and "club houses" out of boxes and blankets. Maybe I am going through my second childhood or something. That's ok because I am enjoying myself making plans. 😁 Before I get to babbling for a few more paragraphs, I will share a picture of my she shed on the lot I bought it at.

Stay tune for more updates.



05 August 2019

Monday's Good Stuff (05 August 2019)

Drops Design often has classy patterns for crochet. I think this poncho is super sweet. Normally, I think that ponchos have had their day but I think this one is very interesting and it is something that I would wear if I had the chance to make it. If anyone has made this, let me know what you think of the pattern.



More patterns for ponchos, some vintage, some retro too