23 February 2009

22 February 2009

Dishcloth Addiction Shows No Sign of Abating!

This dishcloth was made from a free pattern from the Lion Brand website. I did my own thing as far as the number of rows for the stripes because some of the yarn I used was from other projects. You can find the free pattern I based this on a washcloth pattern from Lion Brand Yarns. I did my own thing as far as the number of rows for the stripes because some of the yarn I used was leftovers from other projects. You can find the pattern here.

This dishcloth I made by doing 1 row of sc and 1 row of dc. I ended with a sc row. Some people do not like edgings on dishcloths because they say that it is easier to wash inside of a glass with a dishcloth without an edging. So I'm trying to make about 1/2 of my dishcloths with edging and the other 1/2 without.

This was another dishcloth I "winged." I did 2 rows of sc and 1 row of dc every other stitch. I put one round of sc as an edging.

19 February 2009

I Need Your Help

I am asking for your . If you happen to notice that one of my links doesn't work, then please let me know. I will temporarily put a notation next to it saying OOC (out of commission) and I will go back and check it several times to make sure it isn't just a temporary thing. I appreciate your help so thank you very much! Hugs...

18 February 2009

On 18Feb1943 White Rose Leaders Arrested

  • On this day,February 18, in 1943:
    Nazis arrest White Rose resistance leaders--Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie, along with their best friend, Christoph Probst(see photo). The White Rose was a student resistance group in Germany. Many of the members had been part of Hitler's Youth but had become disillusioned when the Nazi's true agenda became apparent. Visit the Jewish Virtual Library to read an article about this group.
  • Crochet update: I've been working a little on my rr afghan but took a break from it to finish making the granny squares for a lapghan I've been making for charity. I finished the squares and have started to sew them together--my least favorite crochet chore.
  • I thought it was about time I made a history entry in here. I like to put down a little entry and include a reputable link for my readers to go for more information. I hope you have enjoyed today's entry. Hugs...

14 February 2009

Valentine Day 2009

Happy Valentine Day to all my family and friends! A special greeting to Miss Elaine my cousin. She is new to e-mail and deserves a big welcome! Here she is with her "faux" pet named Elizabeth.
Speaking of "faux pets," here is my Nellie Belle with her "faux boyfriend" lol! She loves this toy and at times is even amorous with him--he received a special loving from Nellie Belle for Valentine Day!
This is dggd. She spent the night with me last night. I promised her that we would bake cookies today and she could take some home. Little cutie couldn't even wait to get out of her pajamas! We had a great time. I remember making cookies with an aunt when I was her age and I cherish those memories to this day.

11 February 2009

Belated Birthday Greetings

Belated birthday greetings to my special uncle-- Uncle Lawrence "Larry" J. He has been more of a dad/uncle/big brother to me than anyone could wish for. His birthday was February 8th and even though I talked with him I had planned to post a greeting to him here. Anyway, happy belated birthday wishes to one of the best uncles ever! Love, "Sharee"

10 February 2009

Today's Version of a Dishcloth

Today I stopped at Michaels after dropping my son Matthew off for an appointment. I needed some tapestry needles to weave in the loose ends of my finished crochet projects. In the display of sugar and cream yarn there was a never-seen-by-me self-striping version in pretty spring-like colors. I had to have it! I also picked up a hook--a crocheter can never have too many of those LOL! I sat in the car and waited for Matt's appointment to be over and started crocheting a dishcloth. I just used one row sc and 1 row dc for the entire thing after chaining 37 which ended up making each row 36 stitches long. I love how the colors look. I looked at the skeins of yarn I bought (3 in this color) and thought of spring and Easter. I hope you like. Making dishcloths are a recent interest of mine. I really didn't need any but there was a good sale on cotton yarn not too long ago so of course like any good stash builder I bought some! I took a couple of my creations out of my gift drawer the other day to try for the first time. I love these cloths. They're soft and VERY absorbent. I'm a convert fer sure lol! OK, I'll stop rambling and let you get back to your web surfing. Hugs to all...

09 February 2009

A Favorite Old Picture

This is a favorite old picture of my sons and their friend Annette. It's hard to believe that they have grown up. They were such little cuties! I'm posting this picture for my dear friend Jackie, Annette's mom.

08 February 2009

My One-Skein Scarf

Hi Everyone!
I just finished The One-Skein Scarf (Stoller, Debbie. Stitch 'n Bitch Happy Hooker. New York: Workman Publishing Company, Inc. , 2006.). It was a quick and easy pattern to make. The pattern calls for only one color but I used two so that it would more or less match the hat I made on my knifty knitter loom. I enjoyed making this pattern and I will probably use this pattern to make another scarf. I'm glad I finally got this set for ME finished before the end of winter lol!

Some of My "Kids"

My son Justin, being the good guy, came over this weekend to help clear fallen tree branches from his Omi's (Oma--German for grandmother) yard. My sweet ggranddaughter came with him. When they were holding the little chis, I just had to group them together for a photo-op! I love how this picture turned out. I really have a handsome son don't I? He doesn't think he's even a little cute but I think he's gorgeous! I may be a little prejudiced but I don't really think so in this case. Hope all my friends and family enjoy it.
I'm finishing up a scarf to color-coordinate with my new hat. Stay tuned for a picture of it. :)
Take care and lots of hugs to you all...

07 February 2009

Hat Finished!

I finally finished the green and black hat I was making on my knifty knitter. It turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself lol! I like a basic hat for winter-wear and this style is just perfect. One of these days I'll learn to make something a bit more complicated on my knifty knitters but for now this hat will do fine.

06 February 2009

Yarn Creations--Finished and WIPs

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This is a dishcloth I made. I did not use a pattern for this one.

This is another dishcloth I made and I did not use a pattern for this one either.

I am making a hat for myself on my knifty knitter loom. I think the black and green will look nice with my black coat. Green is my favorite color and it complements the black.

At last I am making an afghan for US! I have made numerous round ripple afghans but have given them all away except for one that I plan to put in the spare bedroom. As you can see, I'm using my favorite color, green, in this afghan.

Here are a couple small projects that I have recently completed. I have been a little slow with my round ripple afghan. I love this pattern! I think that the next afghan or baby blanket I make I will have to try something different to break-up the monotony lol! I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. Leave me a comment and any suggestions you might have. Hugs...

03 February 2009

Ice Storm

Here are some pictures of the ice storm we just went through. The white "blobs" on some pictures are actually snowflakes. We were without power from January 28th at 3 something in the morning until February 2nd about 9pm. Most of the pictures were taken from my yard except for a few of the later ones were at my mil's house. Many, many trees and powerlines snapped from the weight of ice on them. Son Matthew didn't lose power and son Justin lost his for a couple days but he has a wood burning stove that he uses for heat so his major problem was not having lights or working refrigerator. We lucked out with our freezer being in the unheated garage and we didn't lose as much food as we could have. The only heat we had was from our gas fireplace. I had amassed a bunch of candles so we did ok with light too. WARNING these pictures are COLD so BRRRRR lol!