30 May 2012

A Finished Crib Blanket

I really enjoyed making this pattern. It did seem to take a long time but maybe that's because it's mainly made out of single crochet.

The pattern is here.

Nice yarn stash storage unit:

WIP Wednesday (30 May 2012)

It's gonna be an afghan when it grows up! So far, what I have isn't representative of what it will look like. There will be broader bands of color through out the afghan.

The pattern I'm using is Hills and Plateaus Throw. It takes a bit of concentration the first 2 rows but then it is pretty routine crocheting that I like. In my version, I charted out the use of color and width of the stripes and also I'll be adding about 9 rows. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Y'all take care...

28 May 2012

A Great Family Day

Yesterday, my younger son and his family came over to have a cookout with us. I am so thankful when they come to visit because they are always so busy working with their "not the same" working hours. So, I made cupcakes that the girls went crazy over (just from a cake mix I got at Aldi's). We had some crab salad and potato salad, baked beans, chips, Nathan's Hotdogs and thick hamburgers with all the toppings. It was pretty  much traditional picnic food and not too complicated so that made the day even more enjoyable.

Son burning cooking the burgers


My baby boy son


The oldest kid Ray "Keeping Things Cool"


 Hey, dil Karen was already cool in the pool!


dil and granddaughter of my heart


Great-granddaughter of my heart.


Of course the babies were there too.

Today I'm remembering those who sacrificed so much for us.

 Have a great week everyone.

26 May 2012

A Time for Remembering...

pow/mia graphicflag at half-mast

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have gone before us; the military who stood tall ready to protect us and for some their loved ones who have passed on. Traditionally Memorial Day in the U.S. was celebrated on May 30th and called Decoration Day. It was a day to decorate the graves of our fallen heroes. Now it falls on the last Monday in May and we use it more for the first camping trip of the year, the first cookout, picnic or vacations and swimming pools open for the season. As you raise your cup to toast the opening of the season, remember those who gave all so that you might have your life and freedom.

Free Graphics

For me, Memorial Day always brings my brother to mind. He was born on May 30th--the traditional date for Memorial Day (date didn't vary then). He means so very much to me. We have disagreements and sometimes fallings-out but he's still my brother and he is always in my heart. Here's an early happy birthday greeting Little Brother!

Me and my brother!
flags hanging verticle spelling out peace

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!

25 May 2012

And It's Another Chance to Win Yarn!!!

Go to this page on All Free Crochet Afghans for your chance to win some Martha Stewart Yarn. The winner of this giveaway will receive 2 skeins of Martha Stewart Crafts yarn Lion Brand Yarn: one skein of Glitter Eyelash yarn in sterling, and one skein of Extra Soft Wool Blend in lemon chiffon. Seems like there are a lot of chances to win free yarn lately. Good luck!

24 May 2012

What's in the Box?

My door bell rang, the furbabies started barking something fierce. I go to the door and I'm greeted by this huge box.

I bring it in, open it up and much to my delight I see this:

It's some "raw" afghans! I'll be putting these afghans together for my good friend. Deadline is before Christmas so I do believe I'll make it.

That's all for now, I just wanted to let you see the ginormous pile of yarn that found its way to my house.


Another Contest to Win Yarn!

Picture from here

You can win 10 Skeins of Pickles Thin Organic Cotton Yarn by going to this page and putting in your entry. Sounds like a super prize to me! You get an entry for blogging about it and there are a few other opportunities for extra entries. I've never heard of this yarn before so it would be interesting to check it out. Good luck, I hope one of us wins!

Summer Hat Made

Needed a quick sense of accomplishment so I made a summer hat. I love this pattern. It was easy to work up. The only thing I wish was different about the pattern is that it had a gauge posted. I crochet rather loosely so this did turn out a tad bit big. That's okay, because I'm sure there will be a little shrinkage when it gets washed. I used I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby.

Here's a link for the free pattern.

Thanks for stopping in...

23 May 2012

Your Chance to Get Some Yarn

Go to this page on AllFreeCrochet for your chance to win Stitch.Rock.Love yarn. There are a few options to get extra entries such as blogging about it like I'm doing. Good luck, I hope someone I know wins yay!

WIP Wednesday (23 May 2012) & Other Stuff

Working on my latest project, I have decided that I am a sloooow crocheter. I really have put several hours into this most days for about a week. OK, the truth be known, I am slow and easily distracted. I did start weaving some ends in after changing colors to save the procrastination at the the end. Anyway, I'm in love with the colors. If you've seen a previous post on this, you know that my cousin is expecting twins and I'm gambling on at least one being a girl. I still haven't heard if girls, boys or one of each will be joining the family but I know they will be loved. Now, here's the progress.

Yesterday, I posted a link to this article on a crochet group. I didn't make comments or evaluate it and no one had problems with me. What happened is some folks started bashing lawyers, talking about SEX, and acting like tattling little children "I'm going to tell Mr. X (the group administrator)." Needless to say, the whole, entire benefit of the article was lost because it was pulled from the group. I find people like these difficult to deal with. I enjoy sharing ideas and information with others but I find it hard to socialize face-to-face. Anyway, what made me irked is after being away from the computer for several hours, I saw all the bashing going on and as I was posting a comment that went something like "chill ladies" the entire posting went poof. So, what we are saying is that if you don't like what something says, write trash comments and then it will be pulled and others who may have benefited from the link don't matter--only your childish brattiness does. The group administrator was yanked out of his bed by a whiner and that's when he pulled the post. Some group members said the caller googled him and that's how his home phone number was obtained. I don't know if that is fact or speculation.  What I do know is that a little maturity wouldn't be remiss here. I'm climbing off my soap box now.

We're having beautiful weather here--in the 70s, warm and sunny. This weekend our weather is supposed to get in the 90s and that will be nice because our swimming pool is set up and the water will be warming up in the sun for this holiday weekend. Anyone have any big plans? I do believe we'll be in the pool and cooking out. 

Hugs to all you wonderful people....

21 May 2012

Interesting Patterns

For many reasons, the patterns at this etsy shop are very interesting. Many of the patterns look strangely familiar to me for some reason.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (21 May 2012)

 (photo from http://premieryarns.com/patterns.php?id=215)
I know I should concentrate on posting smaller projects here with the weather getting warmer but I just saw this afghan pattern and felt compelled to post it here. This pattern is rated "easy" but the use of color and the flowers on it step it beyond the plain look of many easy patterns.

19 May 2012

Summer's in the Air

I'm loving the weather we're having right now. It's warm but not hot. The air conditioner doesn't need to be turned on yet and clothes are drying on the line so this month is one of the few that the utility company doesn't get to empty our wallet.

The pool is filling getting ready for us to start cooling off in this summer.


The cucumber plant has buds already. This cucumber plant is a pickle cucumber and it is a bush instead of a vine. Sounded unusual and a bit of a space saver so I decided to try it.


The clematis has grown like crazy and has beautiful purple flowers.


And romance is in the air for Nellie Belle and her stuffed Julio!

Nellie is really cute when she plays with her Julio but she ALWAYS stops as soon as I grab the camera!

That's it for now. Have a great weekend!

18 May 2012

Whoo Hoo

I got a commission to make 2 afghans! They're going to be in team colors for the San Francisco 49ers and the other is Minnesota Vikings. I'm going to use this pattern for both of them. Thanks to my friend Laurie for her business.

I've made things for her before so this is repeat business. We discuss the yarn and color then figure out how much I'll need then she places an order and then has it delivered to me. This time I told her to wait to send money until they're finished that way I stay MOTIVATED and she has extra money on hand in case something turns up.

I'm pretty excited about this. I need to stash some money so I can go visit my uncle in Florida when it gets cold here next winter.

Take care...

17 May 2012

Did You Ever Notice...

People on Etsy scanning patterns from major companies and selling pdfs of them? That's really brazen. I saw one "store" there with 556 positive feedback and I recognize many, many patterns from older books I've used (exact same pictures). Amazing how she's selling these patterns for a little over $2 each. That's over $1100 she made just off of people who have left feedback and no telling how many people bought patterns from her without leaving feedback. I believe this is known as copyright infringement. I'm really not a member of the crochet posse, this one instance really amazed me in it's flagrant theft.

16 May 2012

WIP Wednesday (16 May 2012)

Yep, it's another baby blanket. I have a cousin expecting twins and I want to make baby blankets for each of the precious little ones. Problem is, I don't know if they're going to be boys, girls or one of each. What I'm doing is gambling on at least 1 little girl and I'm making this in girly colors. No one in my family reads my blog so I can post this here without spoiling the surprise. Just started this last night so not too much progress yet.

I might live in a different state but I can "cuddle" the little ones with baby blankets.  I have some bright yarn in my stash that will make a great boy version of this blanket too. I plan to make both blankets out of the same pattern but different colors and other slight variations.

Signing off now....

Ripple Crochet Patterns

15 May 2012

Baby Blue Blanket

Hi everyone. I made this out of a basic granny square. I edged it with shell stitches. The blue is Paton's Me Mine yarn and the edge is out of Red Heart Buttercup. I love this yarn except that finished objects made from these yarns have to be hand-washed and dried flat.  I'm fortunate that my machine has a hand-wash cycle and things like this I put in a large mesh bag and wash them in the  machine. Here's the pictures:

A closer look at the edging--

That's it for this post! Have a good evening.

I Saw This Old Article...

Read this article this morning and I must share it with you. It's about the world's largest yarn stash. WOW! Looks more like the interior of a yarn store rather than an individual's stash. Check it out here. Maybe you've seen this before but it's great to go back to it and show hubby when he asks "Don't you have enough yarn?" Nope dear, I haven't even come close to having a big enough stash. "Big enough"-- I'm not sure how to define the meaning of those two words.

A $2 haul in 2008 added to stash. ;)

This is it for now. Hugs...

Storage for yarn idea

14 May 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern

I'm looking at finishing up a few bigger projects and then when the weather is really hot, I'll be concentrating on some smaller projects. One thing I'd like to make is a set of golf club covers. Hubby used to golf, but hasn't in quite a while so maybe if I make some covers for his clubs he'll take the time to hit the links and enjoy himself. Here's a nice set.

Have a great week everyone!

13 May 2012

A Bit of Catching Up

First and foremost, I want to send out positive wishes for Mothers Day to all of you who have ever "mothered" anyone. You may be a traditional mom, a single mom or even a dad who fills the shoes of a mom. To all of you, may you have a blessed day.

Thanks going out to Christy of Crochet Happiness. She had a giveaway and I won! She gave away a spool knitter. I used to have one of those a while ago but it broke. Now, I have a nice, sturdy one. I had fun playing with it the other night as I watched television. Thank you Christy!

The other day when I went to Hobby Lobby in Louisville, I did not find the yarn to make a border/edging for the blue baby blanket. I did however, find a yarn I like at Meijers. I should be finishing this up very soon.

Ray was getting my flower boxes ready to go on the front porch. A few wave petunias and some transplanted vine-like plants should do the trick . He's a good guy when he wants to be. ;)

I've been trying to work up a pattern for a clothes pin bag. I bought some clothes line at Dollar Tree. This yarn is made of 3 strands. Ray helped me divide the strands--a real pain in the behind (the job, not Ray lol). This stuff is a bit more difficult to crochet with. It's not impossible, just seems like it takes more energy and I'd have to stop frequently and rub my hands and shake them out. Besides the sore hands, I am liking it. What I've made so far has used up an entire "skein" of the clothes line. Here's a few pics:

I think I've caught up for now. Have a great week. Hugs to all....

11 May 2012

A WIP I Forgot

I forgot about this wip and found it the other day and recommenced working on it. Geez, that CADD and Old-Timers is really kicking in here. It's going to be a baby blankie when it grows up is finished. Anyway, I'm just using the basic granny square design for this. The yarn is soft and fluffy--Be Mine by Patons that I got cheap some time ago. I was on the hunt this morning for a unique background for the picture. I think I failed in that when I used the bushes in front of the house. There's only so many places to take pictures around here. Maybe I should have made my bed since my comforter is a pretty blue and tan design that might have looked nice, maybe next time. ;) Here it is (alas it's a bit dark-looking):

I'm going to Louisville today and Hobby Lobby is there so I'm going to look for a contrasting color yarn to use as the border. Speaking of border, is the correct term border or is it edging or does it really matter? I seem to use both terms interchangeably.

Take care everyone, I'm off to get ready to go to the "big" city!

10 May 2012

Granny Mandala Is Finished

I loved doing this. It was relatively quick and didn't require too much concentration so I was able to listen to an audio book as I did it. Here's the pic:

I didn't have quite enough yarn to make it solid white so I thought that the yarn I chose for the last round worked out fairly well. My walls are painted a little darker green that what was in the yarn so it's a close match. I used ww cottons to make this. I did a quick block-job by using my steam iron and shaping it as I ironed. 

Here's the pattern link if you would like to have it.

Take care everyone...

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