20 January 2017

A Couple Baby Blankets...

One of my sons recently asked me if I would make a couple baby blankets so that he could give them to friends who were expecting babies. He did not know the gender of the anticipated bundles of joy. I decided to use gender neutral colors that were popular in my younger days--pastel green and yellow. I also decided to make the main color an off-white color (Aran by Red Heart). I think the blankets look "antiquey," Here's the pics--

For this blanket, I made 4 of the squaring the big circle squares, joined them and then treated them like a big square (guess that's what they became) and continued making rounds until it was the size I desired. The final round was done with a shell stitch,

For the 2nd baby blanket, I used the cuddle and coo pattern. I did not, however use the edging that the pattern called for but rather did 3 rounds of single crochet. I was having problems with the edges "rippling" so I just did a simple edging. This pattern, except for my incompetence with the edging, was very easy to make. I will probably try this one again and play around with different edgings.

It has become our routine, to head to Florida for winters. This year however, I am unable to travel. I'm not feeling "bad," but I have blood clots in both legs. No biggie, I have what is known as a vena cava filter that "catches" the clots and prevents them from traveling to organs such as lungs, heart or brain. I have had problems with my legs, especially left leg, swelling and feeling uncomfortable, no real pain. This was going on started in August when I was in the hospital with back pain. I had always thought that blood clots cause PAIN, not just achiness or discomfort. The point I want to make is that if you have any of these symptoms that you should seek medical attention. I was fortunate to have the filter put in as a precaution before I had a surgery. 

I hope y'all are warm and cozy. Have a great week.