06 November 2008

How to Use the Words "Well" and "Good"

Sometimes I have confusion over when to use the words "well" and "good." I know that I am not the only with this problem, I hear these 2 words used interchangeably quite often. Here's the lowdown on how to correctly use each of these words.

  • good-- is an adjective. It modifies/describes a noun. Now most of us can probably remember from elementary school that a noun is a person, place or thing. OK, then we have good girls, good schools, good parents, good food and that sort of thing. "That is good fried chicken."

  • well--an adverb. Well is used to describe a verb, you know an action word. He swam well. She did well on the test. Well is a word that may be used to describe health such as "I feel well after the operation."