22 January 2016

New Snowbird Kitchen

I have been asked several times recently about how the remodel on our snowbird kitchen turned out. It turned out GREAT! Husband did a fantastic job with some assistance from our neighbor. Everything had to be done on the "cheap." The sink and faucets are "hand-me-downs" from someone who had recently remodeled their kitchen. The cabinets mainly came from a scratch and dent store and a few were unfinished ones from Home Depot. The flooring was purchased with a military discount. The original cabinets were warped and sagging. They were made from particle board and had been water damaged. The original counters slanted. The flooring was in bad shape both functionally and aesthetically. I had tried to "dress things up" a bit with my red accessories and small appliances but it didn't help much. The following slide show video gives you a look at how things ended up. Enjoy!