27 December 2009

A Look at Our Christmas 2009

My brother,his fiancee and one of my nephews were able to visit us at our home in Kentucky from their home in Arkansas. They brought their little fur babies too. Our fur babies had a great time with them. Here are some high-lights of their visit with us. I hope you enjoy. Of course, you won't see me because as usual, I am the photographer lol. You may turn off the blog's music player by scrolling down the column on your right side and clicking on the parallel lines on the player. Hugs to all...

Christmas Slippers

Hello Everyone! Here are the slippers that I made for Christmas presents this year. Of course, they're from the same pattern I almost always use. On a few pair, I was afraid I might not have enough yarn so I did away with the cuff.  The only picture at the top of the post is one I somehow missed when I made the slide show. There is some music with the slide show so you may want to go to the column on your right hand side and scroll down to the music player and click on the parallel lines before starting the slide show. Anyway, here's a slide show of the slippers: