18 May 2014

So Very Sorry--

I have been neglectful to some of you and absent for some time now. I have been rather busy but that's no excuse.  First, let me show you what I received from a giveaway hosted by Debi. I love the color of the yarns and I think it will make a pretty scarf and hat for a special young lady. I love the hook--seems as my hands become more arthritic, these thicker-handled hooks make a difference. Thank you Debi, I am so sorry for being slow about thanking you.

We have finally finished our bathroom remodel! 13 months ago, we started collecting/assembling/purchasing what we thought we needed and/or wanted for it. Hubby gutted it and everything from ceiling to floors was replaced with the exception of the bathtub and we had that refinished by a "tub guy." By saving, getting things on sale and getting everything a little at a time we were able to keep the credit cards in our wallets and not use them. Husband did most of the work himself and his buddy helped a bunch too.

I went to Florida again. I went there to go house shopping for a winter getaway. I did a whirl wind week of looking at places that didn't need much work, were in a safe neighborhood and met my minimal budget. I found a townhouse that I liked and seemed to meet most of our criteria. I did a walk-through video that I ended up having to post on youtube because the file was too large to email to my husband. We are scheduled to close on June 13th (Friday) but there is a very good chance that we will close sooner since we scurried around hither and yon and got all the paperwork/red tape taken care of. Here's the video I sent to hubby.

Of course after all of this running around I had to get sick. I'm recovering from another URI--scary since I recently came back from an area close to Orlando, FL where that new MERS disease has infected people. Slowly recovering and now hubby has it--poor guy.

I want to stress the point that we are not rich, both of our houses cost less than what many people commonly pay for one. This year we paid off our house and we're also into the sweat equity thing. This place in Florida is very dated as you can tell by the appliances and cabinetry. It's in very good repair though and I'm not in a big hurry to change everything out. This place is our get away from the winter place to go and it is a perfect size if one of us should be end up a widow(er). That's really a gruesome thought!

I am finishing up a baby blanket that I'm late getting done and it has grown to a small afghan. Maybe I should use patterns instead of winging it!

I hope you all are well and that signs of spring-time are warming you up and putting smiles on your faces.

Take care my friends....

05 May 2014

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (05 May 2014)

Today's link is for a pattern for mini plant hangers. The designer uses hers for growing herbs.  I remember my first apartment and one of the few decorative touches I was able to afford was a plant in a similar (but larger) hanger hanging from the ceiling. Ahh, the memories this pattern brings back. :)