18 August 2008

08-18-2008 On this Day in 1587 The Dares Have a Baby! Plus Save Money!

On this date in 1587 the 1st English child, Virginia Dare, was born in the New World. An article that deals with the facts and legend about her is found at http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/1647. A mystery surrounds the colony that the Dares resided in. All the settlers, including the young Virginia disappeared! To read more about this visit the about.com page at http://usparks.about.com/cs/parkhistory/a/virginiadare.htm.
Money saving tips: Many of the dollar-type stores offer great bargains. Be alert though because not everything is a good deal. I have found good deals on yarn there. Some of the yarn has a suggested retail value of $6 or more! Another good deal is razors. I would rather spend a buck for a pack of eight than three or four dollars! Not everything is a good deal. I don't go along with the designer shampoos and I can usually purchase my shampoo for under a dollar at other stores. Food items are another iffy deal at these dollar-type stores. Coffee creamer is a good deal but a can of corn is not. It pays to shop around and make notes about prices of commonly used items in your household.