05 December 2010

PTSD and Women Vets

As I was watching this video, it brought back some vivid memories of events that I was aware of from my time in the military. I can not say how things are in today's military because I separated from the US Navy in 1992. I do know that any sort of abusive relationship problems oftentimes were brushed under the carpet and abused sailors were told "you weren't issued a family/boyfriend in your seabag"--in other words, we don't want to hear about your problems. There may be help on the horizon although I am wondering how many women vets will actually be sent to the facility in California that is mentioned in this video. Interesting video, I guess I shouldn't say I hope you enjoy because this is not an enjoyable topic.

From 1952: Pluto's Christmas Tree

Gosh I love the old Disney cartoons!
To better hear this, you may want to scroll down the column on your right and mute the music player if it started automatically. Enjoy...

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