26 June 2009

Ta Da! 2 More Pairs of Cozy Slippers!

Here are MORE slippers! The 1st pair is for my uncle in Illinois. He had requested that I make a pair for him a bit larger than the last pair. Should have figured that one out--everyone in the family (esp. me) has kind of big feet lol! The yarn I used is acrylic and the colors are tan and brown. The tan is a Caron brand yarn and the brown is some vintage stuff I had in my stash. The 2nd pair is made out of acrylic yarn of unknown brand. The colors are pretty clear in here--one strand bright red and the other off-white. I am trying to find different settings to use for my photos as you may have noticed in the pic of these slippers. The floor and the grass backgrounds were getting old even to me so I thought I'd look around and try to find something a bit more original. I'm looking around for "different" sorts of places around the house to use. This location is on the rocks surrounding the little backyard pond.

For my readers, I try to include a link to a pattern if I have it so here it is once again for your perusal and use :)!