01 September 2010

SCAM!!! "Rachael" from Credit Card Services

The scammers called again today at about 7:17 PM.  The lady said her name was Rachael and she was with Credit Card Services. A recording says they're calling about our credit card, there's no problem with it and we need to talk to them if we want to lower the interest rate. This time their phone number was different but the prefix was the same as another time when they called.  The number they called from was 502-000-9912.  It is really a strange looking number and a few times calls have come from a "000" prefix but different area codes..  I'm reporting them again.  One of these days they may quit calling!  I keep telling Credit Card Services to take my name off their call list and STOP calling me but they still do. Oh, and by documenting the calls here, someone else may see that these callers are scammers and not fall for their line. If you google this telephone number you can see that many people have received calls from this number and are getting upset about it.

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