06 December 2010

A Few Small Crochet Projects Recently Completed

Here's a Christmas towel and towel ring. The ring pattern is from this page .  I modified it by starting with a chain instead of wrapping the yarn around my hand.

Small wreath made by crocheting around a ring from a gallon milk jug.

Hat I made for my son. No pattern used; I winged it. I can write a pattern up if anyone wants it.

Hope y'all are having a good week!

Smurfs' Christmas Special Part 1 of 2

Remember watching the Smurfs? Here is part 1 of their Christmas Special; stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. I really enjoyed these little blue characters as my sons and I watched them together oh so many years ago. I hope you enjoy them too. Hugs...

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 06 Dec. 2010

Here's an interesting take on an afghan. This is a stadium afghan that folds up and has handles to tote it with you. Would be great for visits to stadiums (the name gives this one away), picnics or perhaps to carry in your car during the winter in case you get stuck somewhere in the cold.