30 November 2012

Christmas Sweater for Nellie Belle

1 sweater for Nellie Belle down and 1 for Opi to go. My chi kids are a bit too chubby for the sweater patterns I've found so I've had to improvise on making sweaters for them. Nellie's sweater turned out pretty nice. I only took a quick picture of it to show you and I'll get a better one on Christmas when she's wearing it. Here's her sweater:

This is the pattern, called Santa Dog Costume, I used--with extreme modifications to make the basic sweater. I "winged" the snowman.

I enjoy dressing my little furry kids up but Nellie doesn't like it so I know I'll probably only get her in this a few times. My husband always sides with her when it comes to clothes so I have to sneak them on her lol!

Stay warm...