07 February 2011

My FurBaby Model Went into Hiding

I made Nellie Belle a shrug based on this pattern. After having her try it on 3 times for "fittings" she ran off to bed with dh. That is totally out of personality for Nellie B--usually she has to be the last one up. Anyway, I'll "capture" her tomorrow and have her model it for you.

Second Time Scammers Called in Less than an Hour!

The scamming Card Services just called AGAIN! This time I was able to press "9" and get someone. The man asked "are you calling to lower your interest rate?" I replied, "I pressed 9 to tell you not to call me again." Click. This time the number I was called from was (567) 259-9780. This call came in at 2:39 pm. The previous call was at 2:15 pm. Filed 2nd complaint of the day with the "Do Not Call" registry.

The Bums Called AGAIN!

The scamming Credit "Card Services" called again. When I pressed "9" to talk with a representative, it hung up on me so I wasn't able to tell them to get lost again. I'm off to fill out ANOTHER complaint. The number they called from this time was (637) 000-2238. Do not have anything to do with these people if they call you. They are identity thieves.

Crazy Weather

The weather here is crazy. When the rest of the country was snow-bound, we didn't get snow. Now, the temperatures are above freezing and it's snowing like crazy. Strange, strange weather! I love my spruce tree in the front yard and you've probably seen it numerous times in my blog. I think it looks so pretty with snow on the branches. If you click on the picture you can see the snow coming down. Have a nice, warm day everyone...

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern 07 February 2011

I've recently discovered that making baby booties helps to use up those small balls of left-over yarn. Here's a cute girlie pair made out of dk weight yarn. I have some of this yarn in my stash of left-over yarn and I just might make a pair of these. I bet making them out of ww would work for an older baby or maybe even a younger toddler.