27 July 2012

DANGER!!! I've been THINKING!!!

There are times, when I find myself thinking about things I've seen or heard and I wonder how others think about about those things too. Recently, a few family members of my mom's generation have started to have health issues. One of the relatives I'm not very close to but I have very fond memories of from childhood. The other is an uncle I am extremely close to. He's more like a big brother than an uncle because he's only about 11 or 12 years older than I am. In a roundabout way, what I want to say is that I still address my relatives with their titles such as "Aunt Nan" and "Uncle Bert" (not real names but think about what famous children's books those names are from). I know that many people don't do that as adults but what do you think?

I have a few friends on facebook that are the now grown children of friends from my youth. I see their "wild side" on facebook and can only shake my head. I "unfriended" one individual the other day because of graphic vulgarity and "smuttiness." I know that I had my "wild child" days as a young person but back then, virtually the entire world wasn't exposed to my  antics via social media--what a relief that is! Anyway, There are a few points here that I want to make. Point #1--The information that is posted NEVER goes away even when you delete it. Someone, somewhere has the knowledge to pull up embarrassing information and redistribute it. Point #2--Parents, monitor what your children are doing on social media sites. I've seen young teens and preteens posting sexually provocative things online and the language some of them use embarrasses me and I'm a navy veteran! I have a young girl as a friend. She is the step-daughter of a friend of a friend. She has over 800 friends on facebook. Over 800 friends, really???  Point #3--There are registered sex offenders on facebook even though it is against the rules. They use aliases to register an account. Please, if your children have a social media account monitor what your child/teen is doing there. Point #4--If someone posts a cute picture but it originated from a site with a vulgar name, I will copy the picture to my computer and then repost it without the vulgar reference to the originator and they will not get visitors from me. This is my soap box ranting on social media sites for today.

Anyway, that's what has been swirling around in my head today. Thanks for listening to "Sharon's Soap Box Rant for the Day" ! ;)

For a hint about the names from children's literature I used see here.