11 October 2014

New Yarn Closet

We have this bedroom in our house that didn't have a closet. We did away with the closet to put a doorway to our garage from the house. Previously, we had to go outside and walk around the house to enter the attached garage. Then we ended up with a bedroom without a closet. Well, hubster built me a closet and I'm working at storing my yarn in it.

My previous yarn storage setup just wasn't working. I had yarn popping out everywhere. The organization is coming along verrrry slooowly mainly because I have a touch of ADD and get distracted very easily by things such as the box of granny squares I found and I've "taken breaks" to make more.

Just wanted to show you the closet and publicly say "Thank you" to my husband Ray for all his hard work.

In the above picture, you can see that the door needs it's knobs and a bit of paint. Don't know if you can notice the paint color of the room but it is a very soft, crisp green called Mischievous that I got at Home Depot.

Two sets of shelves are in the closet and they're filling up fast.

Going through my yarn is a bit like Christmas. I actually found a few small skeins of glow in the dark yarn--YAY! There are a few other skeins that I forgot all about but the glow in the dark is my favorite find so far.

Y'all enjoy your weekend and I'll be seeing you soon in blogland. Take care my friends.