03 January 2017

A Couple Completed Things and Coffee...

Just finished a lapghan last night and a dishcloth that I made to have a little break from working on the lapghan. Sometimes I find I need a little change of pace and a small project like a dishcloth or even slippers, a hat or a scarf will do the trick. Anyway, before I "talk your ear off" here are the pictures.

No pattern, just solid grannies of 6 rounds except the center one is 12 rounds. I am still making these lapghans to donate to the new veterans' home here in our town in Kentucky.

Moving on to the 2nd half of this post, I want to share my happiness over a Christmas present I received. Hubby bought me a Keurig K55 coffee maker

I'm in love with it; however, I am not in love with the price of the coffee to go in it. I suppose if I only drank 1 cup per day it wouldn't be too bad. To be honest,  I drink 6 cups or more everyday. So I put on my thinking cap and thought about what money saving idea I could find. 

I bought a reusable filter. Works great but 1 filter is over $7 at Walmart. I did buy one because in the long run it will save money. As I was browsing through Dollar Tree the other day, I noticed that they had a 2-pack of reusable filters for Keurigs. Bingo! We have a winner. I bought a couple packs and pre-filled them.  When I'm ready for a cup o' joe I just pop one in the brewer.

Another thing, I wanted to have a little variety by having some flavored coffees. Since I drink decaf (like all post-menopausal women should) I found it hard to find much variety in decaf coffees. I spent quite some time on Amazon searching for a good deal on some flavored decaf coffees. I found a variety pack of 6 flavors, 96 count for only $37.90. Score! A smaller size for $13.30 is offered but it costs less per pod by ordering the larger size. I got my order in today and have already tried 3 flavors and I definitely recommend  them.

Today I have been rather chatty so I will let you go for now. 

Cheers (as I raise my coffee cup to you)!