27 February 2012

Sunday's Projects

Today, or I should say yesterday, I finished one pair of slippers that had become a ufo (in the bottom of a basket) and also made another pair. The ufo pair, was a super-sized pair for a man.  These seem to take a lot longer than a ladies pair of slippers. Here's a look at them:

These slippers are made out of 1 strand of brown and 1 strand of navy blue yarn.

The next pair of slippers are sized for a woman. They are made out of 2 strands of light purple but they are slightly different colors. I  made a flower for the front of these and here they are:

I started another baby blanket but since it has a lot of granny squares, my C.A.D.D. started kicking in after weaving the ends in on the 1st few squares. I'll work on it between projects so I don't get burned out with it.

Hope y'all had a nice weekend and I'm wishing you a great week. Hugs...