25 February 2011

Decided on a "To Go" Project

I went stash diving (distantly related to dumpster diving) yesterday and decided on a "to go" project for when I go visiting family. I'm going to make a hooded scarf. The yarns won't take up too much room and I will be using some pretty yarn that has only been languishing in my stash. I've always wanted a hooded scarf and for some reason never got around to making one. I'm not sure of how warm this one will be even though it is a heavier weight classification (6 super bulky) because of the yarn itself and the larger hook size. I'll post a picture and you can see what I mean. I did several rows last night to get it started and I think it is going to be pretty. The pattern I'm using is on ravelry. Time to go and pack this in my carry-on. Have any of you taken larger crocheted gifts with you and had to check baggage only because of that? Besides numerous pairs of slippers, I am taking an afghan with me as a gift. Southwest Airlines doesn't charge for checking a bag so that's why I like to use them and their rates are cheaper too.