13 May 2009

Blooming Yard

Our yard has "bloomed" recently. I love flowers and I had to take pictures of some of the beautiful blooms there. I missed out on getting pictures of my snowball bush and lilacs so you'll just have to take my word for it that they were pretty too. Anyway, here are my other blooms for your pleasure.
The new azaleas.
I don't know what kind of bush this is but it is pretty.
This is a climbing rose bush. What is so unusual about it is that the roses on it are red and they are supposed to be ORANGE. Even odder, my next door neighbor has a RED rosebush and all his flowers are ORANGE!
The petunias are planted in the flower boxes. They'll really look great in a couple weeks when they fill out. The purple is a wave petunia.
Some of the purple irises in the front yard.
One of the peonies. Last year they didn't do well at all and I didn't even have one bloom. This year they're doing great.
Another one of the purple irises out front.
Some of the yellow irises by the pond in the backyard.
Some hen and chicks. We have so many of them that I often have to thin them out and toss them if no one wants them.