24 February 2010

Update on My Magic Ball Afghan

This magic ball afghan is my relaxation.  I work on it in the evenings while dh watches television.  I think this afghan will fit a queen-size bed when it is finished or an over-sized double/full size bed.  I love how these look and I like the idea that I can use up remnants of yarn left over from other projects.  Roughly, I have crocheted it to 52".  I'm not sure how big I'm going to make it until I get it a tad bit bigger and lay it on the bed I'm making it for.  I'm thinking about using it for a regular blanket.  What do you think??? Do people use afghans for blankets?  The stitches in this one are close so there aren't any gaping holes to let the cold air in.  My chis, Opi and Nellie Belle love when I work on this and Opi is curled up next to me and Nellie B. is on my lap.  I've rambled on here long enough.  Thanks for visiting...
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