31 December 2009

At Last, Crochet a Striped Blanket or Afghan Without Loose Yarn Ends!

Do you sometimes resist crocheting items made out of more than one color because of all the loose ends that need to be woven in? I do. I found this video on youtube that shows an excellent way to crochet a striped blanket without all the pesky loose ends. What's even better, I think it looks like it has an edge on it without the extra work of working one! Check this out. It is by mikeyssmail. Hugs...

A Look Back at New Years Eve 1957

I was trying to think about what to post for my New Years Eve blog entry. Hmmm, I thought maybe I can check out youtube or google and see what I can find. Lo and behold, I found a video of the Times Square celebration in 1957 with Guy Lombardo. I was (choke, gasp, sputter) born in '57 so it is quite possible that my mom and dad were sitting on the couch watching this and feeding me my bottle at the same time! I want to wish everyone a happy 2010 and pray that our country, nay the world becomes a better place for us all. Anyway, here for your enjoyment is the video. Hugs...

Crochet Accomplishments in 2009

Gee whiz, I really thought I had crocheted more this year than I actually did.  I keep track of my accomplishments in my signature block at crochetville.org .  I know I won't finish any projects before the new year starts so I decided to post my list today.  Anyway, here they are:

Finished 2009: dishcloth (asst) 19, hotpad/potholder 3, hexagon afghan 1, granny sq. 56, scarf 3, kk hat, slippers (19 pr), rr afghan 3, baby blnkt 1, lapghan 1, shawl, mat for dogs.

My latest WIP (work in progress) is a doily.  I've never made one before and am only undertaking it at the request of my uncle who recently moved into his own geo-bachelor (geographical bachelor) place for the winters.  I chose a relatively simple pattern that doesn't have a lacy flowery look to it.  You can see it here .  I'm not sure if I'm using the correct size thread since I've never used thread before; just had the thread in my stash from a thrift store find.  In case I don't get back here in the next day or 2, I'd like to wish all of you a happy New Year!  Hugs...Sharon