08 December 2015

Christmas Roses, by Lizzie Lawson and Robert Ellice Mack

Here are a few Christmas poems that I extracted from an old book found on Project Gutenberg.

Christmas Roses

A BUNCH of Christmas Roses, dear,
      To greet my fairest child,
    I plucked them in my garden where
      The drifting snow lay piled.

    I cannot bring thee violets dear,
      Or cowslips growing wild,
    Or daisy chain for thee to wear,
      For thee to wear, my child.

    For all the grassy meadows near
      Are clad with snow, my child;
    Through all the days of winter drear
      No ray of sun has smiled.

    I plucked this bunch of verses, dear,
      From out my garden wild,
    I plucked them in the winter drear
      For you, my fairest child,
    Your wet and wintry hours to cheer,
      They're Christmas Roses, child.

    "_I DON'T_ believe that Santa Claus will come to you and me,"
    Said little crippled Nell, "a'cause, we are so poor you see;
    And then I don't believe the 'chimbley's' wide enough for him,
    D'ye think that Santa Claus will come, when all the lights are dim."
    "Of course he comes to every one, dear, whether rich or poor;
    Now go to bed dear Nell," said Nan, "he'll come to-night I'm sure."

           *       *       *       *       *

    I don't know if by chimney or if by stair he crept,
    But sure enough he visited the room where Nelly slept.
    He brought a golden orange, and a monkey red and blue,
    That climbed a little wooden stick in a way I couldn't do.
    He hung them in Nell's stocking, and Nan was right, be sure,
    That Santa Claus loves every one however rich or poor.


    Bring Frost, bring Snow,
          Come winter,
          Bring us holly,
    Bring joy at Christmas,
          Off with Melancholy!

    Sing hie, sing hey,
          Sing ho,
          Sing holly,
    Sing hie for Christmas!
          Isn't winter jolly?

    Sing Jack, Sing Jill,
          Sing Jo,
          Sing Polly,
    Sing hie for Christmas,
          Mistletoe and Holly.

Peace and plenty for many a Christmas to come.