18 February 2009

On 18Feb1943 White Rose Leaders Arrested

  • On this day,February 18, in 1943:
    Nazis arrest White Rose resistance leaders--Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie, along with their best friend, Christoph Probst(see photo). The White Rose was a student resistance group in Germany. Many of the members had been part of Hitler's Youth but had become disillusioned when the Nazi's true agenda became apparent. Visit the Jewish Virtual Library to read an article about this group.
  • Crochet update: I've been working a little on my rr afghan but took a break from it to finish making the granny squares for a lapghan I've been making for charity. I finished the squares and have started to sew them together--my least favorite crochet chore.
  • I thought it was about time I made a history entry in here. I like to put down a little entry and include a reputable link for my readers to go for more information. I hope you have enjoyed today's entry. Hugs...