17 February 2012

OK, My Funny Project Still Isn't Finished But These Are

I'll admit it, sometimes I suffer from CADD-- Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder. I was a little frustrated with my "funny" project so I took pictures of a pair of slippers that I recently finished--

I modified the original pattern because I was using partial skeins of yarn and wanted to be sure I had enough so I shortened the back portion of the slipper. I was going to wait until I had several more pair done before I showed them to you but I figured it was ok to show them now because I'm also going to show you a picture of the scrap 'ghan that I finished last night.

It is truly one heck of a gaudy delight! The next time I make one of these, I'm going to go ahead make it a double strand 'ghan with one strand being black. I think the black helps out with multiple colors that don't necessarily  match by themselves.

OK, this is it for now. I really need to kick the CADD in the butt and finish my other project before the Fiber Fairy goes "poof" and turns it into a ufo hidden in the closet!

Y'all take care and stay warm. We may get our first real snowfall this weekend so I'll be wrapped up in an afghan wearing some crocheted slippers as I hook on a project.

Hugs to all...